Attempts to Dismiss Wrong-Doings

When some people are confronted with the wrongs of their ways, of their false living, of their false self, they choose to reject the Truth in favor of maintaining their self-images, self-concepts and ego-personality-identity constructs. They tell others who speak the Truth and Morality that they are being “judgmental”, “unkind”, “offensive”, “self-righteous”, etc. The list of excuses, justifications, denials, deflections, dismissals and rejection come from their lack of responsibility to face the mirror in honesty and self-respect, from a Fear of Truth, that leads to Ignorance of Truth, Apathy for Truth, Cowardice and Laziness of acting in Truth. When someone is living better, doing better, more right, more good, and more Morality than others, be prepared for those trapped in the darkness of calcified ego attachment in false living to project their wrong-doings onto you; to try to blame you in some irrational way; to ignore the issue in attempted manipulative tactics; to divert attention from them and onto you being the problem, not them.