Carnist Reality Management – Self-Cast Spell

I don’t know if you have ever heard a delusional thing like this:

“Killing the animals I eat to survive puts me in greater connection with nature.”

This is extreme positivity masking optimism bias to turn the evil into a good. Instead of feeling bad about what you are doing, feeling the reality of your actions, feeling the wrong, the guilt and shame, you decide to perform sorcery on yourself and transmute that evil into good. You induct a feel-good state from false conceptual frameworks and now instead of those negative emotions lasting, or maybe instead of even feeling them at all, you sublimate the Truth and Morality of Reality into an unreality that comes from your subjective conceptions about how “good”, “right”, and “moral” your actions are. Instead of facing the negative for what it is, the negative is transmuted through deceptive illusory sorcery into a false “positive”, thereby casting a spell on oneself. This is reality management whereby we lie to ourselves in order to create a coherent worldview and self-image. This also applies outside of carnism for other justifications and excuses of evil and immorality.