Cosmic Test

There may be a Cosmic Test that people are ignoring. To see if we can Evolve Consciousness and become more Moral beings. To embody, exemplify, live, be and do what is right, good and true. The more we fail, the more we bring upon ourselves the co-created collective self-inflicted suffering that we perpetuate in our little home, space ship planet Earth.

In the aggregate, we do it to ourselves, no matter who is behind whatever curtain. We allow it. People buy into and attach themselves, their identity, to falsity and illusions and get convinced to do immoral evil things because of these various infections of the mind and heart. We are responsible for letting it continue, or generating a critical mass of consciously aware individuals that polarize against the evil and stop it from existing.

Awareness of the problem is key, and right now people are too attached to falsity to be able to see the problem: their ignorance and apathy of quality Truth that can help empower them to change for the better.

Natural Law is the knowledge of how the Cosmic Test functions. Collectively, we are failing right now. But as each individuated unit of consciousness (each person) changes their behavior to align more with Natural Law, we can eventually turn the tide with the critical mass tipping point. The Great Work is to do this alchemical inner-work on ourselves and help others face themselves and see the need to do it as well. As of now, most people do not see the need to work on their shadow, demons, darkness and evil. They think they are not responsible in any way for the collective condition we all live in.

Keep up the Great Work everyone who is involved. It starts with each of us, and spreads outwards. We can make a difference, each and every one of us. We have infinite potential and infinite value. How we realize and actualize the power have is up to us.

Cosmic Test