Pleasure and Power

Pleasure is part of life. Seeking the good and happiness of life at all times would be desired by many if there were no wrongs going on. Then we could be blissful and not have to learn, so they want to believe. But, some people would learn, and learn to manipulate others with knowledge the others lack, and hence a power differential would form and people would convince others of sophisticated belief constructs, casting a spell on their minds, getting them to buy into bullshit. Lack of Care for Truth will always end up driving things back downward to untruth and evil. No matter how perfect we get things, to turn back to focusing on the pleasure trap and happiness over Care for Truth will always lead to our own downfall. Truth comes first.

Take note, those who do gain power through the differential in knowledge to manipulate the masses, are very focused on their pleasure gratification. It is all about them and their pleasure. That is Satansim: self-preservation, survival, and doing anything you want for you because you matter most. Hence, any pleasure that you can derive is good for you. The cost upon others does not matter, because only you (or your close ones) matter to you in this moral relativism.

Have you ever heard that “they” give us their way of living modalities, mindsets, behaviors, etc., in order for us to welcome their way of living as the norm? To become them? The modern immersion into distractions and the pleasure trap is a part of how they live their life. The social strata to do the most emulating would be the monetarily endowed. They are buying expensive houses they don’t need, far too big to live in, in excess of needs, serving as symbols of their wealth to display to others. They buy more than one. They buy expensive cars that serve no purpose other than status symbols and pleasing to their visual aesthetics, comfort and ego attachment. They buy paintings worth millions that look like crap, because it’s a status symbol. On and on, playing the game of deception inherent in the coercive monetary system. How would all of this bullshit function without money? Things would be so different without this deceptive illusion of power.

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Pleasure and Power

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