Windows of Perception

The default conditioned perceptual window that most of us view our surroundings from creates a fictional worldview and has us “seeing” semblances or proxies for “good”, “order”, “freedom” and “peace”. We then take these false proxies as the real thing.
The perceptual veil and illusion of reality has us abdicating our personal responsibility. The system is constructed to insulate us from facing the consequences of our actions and chaos that we produce as a collective whole, letting us enjoy the illusory pleasures and distractions that further distract us from what we are doing.

We are led along predetermined and ultimately controlled paths and ways of living. Our adherence to the many illusory constructs puts us in a position of inability to affect change since we can’t even see the nature of the problem correctly (or that there is even a problem to begin with!)

We are living an illusory life yet most people have no clue.

Once we face reality and accurately see the true condition we have let manifest around us, we recognize and acknowledge the problem. We can then assess, analyze and diagnose the current condition to arrive at the nature and root causal factors that created the current reality. Ignorance of the problem assures that no change towards proper correction is possible.


False View/Window of Perception

True View/Window of Perception




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False View/Window of Perception

A basis for the current condition of our lives, the so-called “free market”, isn’t actually a free market.

It’s all rigged, with collusion at the corporate and state level. Laws are fabricated to control the free market causal effects and prevent us from experiencing the chaos that would allow us to change. Chaos is a teacher, if we pay attention to it. If we don’t pay attention to see it, or are prevented from recognizing it, then we can’t change very much can we? It will keep going on, while we remain ignorant.

There are manipulations with bubbles that form, and then they pop. But then they just keep getting reinflated because of all the collusion factors and deception where we can’t causally correct what happened. We are largely impotent if we only act within the pre-selected pathways of control our system has set out for us. The system of life we have created conveniently keeps us in learned helplessness through controlled narratives and ignorance.

We’re ignorant of what we’re doing, being led into continual cycles of booms and busts while the wealth is repeatedly being siphoned and redistributed at each cycle, because many people know what’s happening and they play the long game.

The fictitious level of abstractions we have created around the basis of reality of goods and services, is ridiculous, and has perverted our understanding of real work in real life that creates everything around us. Monetary manipulations and abstract ideas are accepted by people because of the ability to manipulate exchanges and gain more, to create money out of nothing, and also to make money from money without actually creating anything into the world.

We remain ignorant, not learning from the mistakes, because we’re not feeling the effects of the chaos. We’re insulated from facing the chaos and correcting it. Everything booms and busts under these artificially inflated pumped-up economies. People don’t learn to stop doing the same mistakes, to support corruption, to support falsity, because they’re not feeling the full effects of reality and causality.

We abdicate our personal responsibility to be able to recognize what we are doing. We allow the government and the lawmakers to continue to screw us over with the illusion of “good”, “order”, “freedom”, and “peace”.

We are in an unreality.

Evil pervades as good, chaos pervades as order, slavery pervades as freedom, and war pervades as peace. We are conditioned into accepting these false proxies that we yearn for.

There is a false perceptual construct that is created. This is the fiction of the imagery we have about how “ordered”, “good” and “free” we are. This is the the maya, the delusion created by a false perception that doesn’t recognize reality as it is. As a result, there is a reality veil that acts as continuous systemic insulation keeping us living a life of illusion where we are living predetermined and control paths where things don’t really change at the core foundational level of how we live and behave, despite technological and other advancements moving much quicker.

The politicians attach their campaigns to the idea of change, but the good things that they promise don’t happen while the bad things keep going. If not locally in the community, or in our own personal selfish little lives, there are bad things that keep going on and increase in the world at large.

As long as we keep believing in this illusion that we live, and don’t honestly face ourselves in reality, then things aren’t going to change very much. We have windows of false perception that are insulating us from the consequences of our actions.

Our perception of reality is dirty.

If we clean the windows or open them, if we open our eyes and see things as they really are, to have the real eyes to realize the real lies, then the true image of what is happening can really empower us to change things.

True View/Window of Perception

We then open those dirty, confused, and clouded false views of perception by seeing reality as it is, taking in information that represents reality as it is.

Instead of a delusional fictitious illusory maya from our false perceptual constructs of not seeing reality as it is, of only seeing the illusion of “good”, “order”, “freedom” and “peace” provided by our systemic insulation, we now see reality and truth as it is with an accurate perception of ‘what is’.

We recognize that we aren’t so free: that there is still a covert occult form of slavery in the system and way of living. Rather than true order from being responsible individuals who can self-gover ourselves according to foundational principles of truth and morality, we recognize that we aren’t living at that truer, realer and higher potential that we can be, and instead we are actually living in various forms of control that masquerade as authentic, genuine, real and true (maa) order.

Were finally able to lift the veil and see things more clearly, to see the true condition as it is.

There is still more to learn. There is much going on behind the artificial appearance and image created by our society that keeps us locked in our insulated bubbles of perception.

Information of this kind, the shocking reality of our current condition, is required to be known in everyone’s life. This is the type of information that can act as a catalyst that ignites a spark within us that has laid dormant most of our lives.

I’ve talked about the “spark” many times before.

Care for truth.

Care is ignited within us where a flame grows and yearns for truth in order to shine light in the darkness that we realize surrounds us.

We realize with our real eyes the real lies.

Now our eyes are open, awakened. We now recognize how we were symbolically asleep in consciousness, unconscious and unaware of many things happening. This is also the symbolism of being “dead” in the coffin or tomb, awaiting “resurrection” into the “afterlife”.

A large part of our social engineering in our environment comes from the government, laws, and indoctrination into state education or otherwise, that conditions us into the normalcy of standardized acceptability into falsity.

(audio has a brief explanation around 9 minute mark)

The media is a key factor in propagating all of the above, and creates the appearance, image and illusion of a false perceptual reality for us to accept as the actual reality.

The media, and everyone else who accepts the standard narrative, is either automatically (as is the case with everyone), or actively (as is the case with the news), putting out the standard false model and perception of reality for everyone to accept. We keep repeating the lies, falsity and illusion.

When truth is not spoken up against the falsity, the falsity persists. Things do not really change because we’re not seeing reality as it is.

If we want things to really change we need to see reality for what it is, both the positive and negative, beauty and horror, light and dark, truth and falsity, right and wrong, moral and immoral, good and evil.

The default false perception is being spoken, propagated, projected and protected by the media 24/7, and all of us accept this false unreality as a reality.

As Morpheus says in The Matrix, that we are so helplessly attached to our conditioning into unreality, that we fight to defend this false reality. I’ve done a lot of past work explaining our attachment to falsity and ourselves and the need to let go and engage in objective detachment.

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”-
Morpheus (The Matrix, 1999)


Many are likely familiar with what happens when we try to unplug those who are attached to falsity. It can range from ignorance, denial, rejection and even anger and heavy conflict, as I have talked about before.

Since they are attached to falsity and they keep perpetuating falsity, this is how they are on the opposing side, upholding and defending falsity (despite possibly not being aware of it), which makes them an enemy of truth. This is the battle we are in with truth vs. falsity and the need to let go of falsity so that we can join the side of truth. There are certain truths that are more important and that need to be dealt with first before we can actually move forward together on a common understanding and common way of living.

Truth takes time.

If things are to change in any situation, the problem needs to be brought to the awareness of everyone. Then everyone can be in a position of being empowered by that knowledge in order to understand the problem, and then envision a solution.

Behavior that affect everyone needs to be addressed, even if people lack the foresight or vision to understand how it affects them.

Dealing with issues, facing the negative, is not something most people like to do. Many would prefer that others who do speak up, to be silent instead. They want to silence truth and awareness from being brought to a larger audience. This is the wrong kind of censorship of information. Censorship is a valid action to take in various cases in our lives, from behavior we want to permit around us to many other things, but not against information itself.

People in various countries of the world need to understand what is happening at a larger scale. It’s not just people that can become myopic to only be concerned about their own personal issues and not want to deal with larger issues, but communities as a whole can have the same attitude and disregard their involvement in what is happening at a larger scale.

This is why speaking truth is very important.

The media and other aspects of our reality are projecting a false representation for everyone to continue to believe in as the truth.

There is a constant barrage of lies, deception, misinformation and entertainment fluff 24h/day. That is a constant stream influencing, conditioning and inducing images that people take as a representations of the reality around them.

Why consider anything more important when your focused on your own personal enjoyment and pleasure in life?

After all, the TV and everyone around you agrees that everything is fine and dandy, so don’t rock the boat, don’t make waves, don’t bring up issues, just keep your head down instead so the rest of us can continue to live in self-deluded fantasies and illusions of “good”, “order”, “freedom” and “peace”.

Those who have the truth need to speak it just as often, if things are going to change for the better.

Otherwise it’s just a stream of fakeness with no interference of realness and truth to contradict it.

We are in an information war, an info war.

There are people that are so lost and confused that they act against truth, by trying to prevent people from accessing it.

They don’t want truth, they fear truth, they don’t care for truth, and they ignore truth, and they try to prevent other people from accessing the truth as well.

Those of us who care for truth, can’t let other people (or the powers that be) pressure us into stopping to talk about substantive and meaningful quality knowledge that matters in life.

Speaking truth isn’t often comfortable. As I’ve mentioned many times before, we’re conditioned into a standardized acceptability spectrum to normalize our perception and behavior in society and create an illusion of “good”, “order”, “freedom” and “peace”. We think we have actualized these states “truly”, but we have not. They are only aspects and pieces of good, order, freedom and peace that we recognize, but we also myopically and blindly focus on that, which blinds us to the truth of the underlying reality we ignore, deny and reject honestly looking at and evaluating.

That is living in fear of truth, apathetic to truth, resulting in not seeking it out, and being ignorant of a more comprehensive understanding of our current condition.

The awareness of those who are attached to falsity needs to be shaken up with truth. Truth is a catalyst to awaken consciousness to care more.

This is much of the symbolism of Jesus in the Bible, as truth being the sword against falsity that will divide people, because that is what truth inherently does to falsity. Truth and falsity do not unite. This is why the only way to true unity is through truth.

Truth spoken against other people’s attachment to falsity, or falsity violating truth, will create tension, friction, interference, controversy and conflict. That is the inherent functionality of how it operates.

This is the power and burden of consciousness. We can discern truth from falsity, moral from immoral, and good from evil, as they respectively apply to various aspects of the variability, multiplicity and diversity of reality itself (in terms of what is true and false), or of our behavior itself (in the latter cases as well).

Consciousness is a double-edged sword.

With great power comes great responsibility. We have great power to create great good, or great evil, and varying degrees of each.

Only by knowing the difference between truth and falsity can we choose the truth over the falsity.

Only by knowing the difference between right and wrong can we choose the right over the wrong.

Only by knowing the difference between moral and immoral can we choose the moral over the immoral.

Only by knowing the difference between good and evil can we choose the good over the evil.

Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.