Causality, Consciousness, Choice and Trivium

We have the Choice to align and unite with Natural Law, or not. The Effects we Cause cannot be changed once they manifest. The Power to create Change is in our will embodying the Higher Will of Natural Law.

This is a redo of the previous Circle of Life infographic with some additional information added.

This is how we actively create reality, or allow reality to be created for us towards control and enslavement through our programmed, conditioned and mind controlled ways of living in falsity, wrong, immorality and evil.

We can choose to align, embody and walk The Way, Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, Higher Self, Higher Will, etc. to create a wonderful world of Heaven for all sentient animate beings, or we can choose to deny and reject it’s importance and continue to go downhill and create more of a Hell to live in.

The process of Living, how consciousness processes reality that has manifested in order to manifest more reality in the Wisdom of Right-action, or the foolishness of wrong-action.


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Causality,-Consciousness,-Choice and-Trivium


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