Ignorant Bliss – The Standard of Living

People don’t want you to show them the light of Truth so they can correct the errors in their lives. They want to remain ignorant so they can maintain attachment to their feel-good bliss of bullshit. It’s you who are magically at “fault” for helping them, you are “wrong”, you are “bad”, etc. People have so little True Care. This is the burden of speaking Truth and Morality against the falsity and immorality around us. This is what we suffer, endure, bear and carry when we truly Care for Truth and Morality. We hold up the Truth on our shoulders and bear the responsibility of standing and speaking for Truth, to speak it into existence to combat the falsity that pervades everywhere. That is the Great Work. People do not want to take this hard, arduous narrow Path and Way of trials, tribulations, discomfort, conflict and controversy. People do not want to spend the time, attention, energy, determination, dedication and persistence to discover Truth and Morality in the first place. People want the easy, wide, convenient and comfortable false path that leads them towards self-inflicted enslavement and suffering. The pleasure positivity focus blinds them to reality and creates a fantasy rosy-colored glasses perspective on many aspects of reality. Let go of the attachment to the pleasure trap. Choose to do the hark work to uncover and understand the world and yourself.

Pleasure Trap
Pleasure Trap Life Motto’s Addendum