Exposure to Fear and Evil

People need to be exposed to fear and evil in secondary experiences. Then they will be aware of what it is that currently exists and what to do when it confronts them in their own lives. They will not simply cower in fear at the first sight, because they will be familiar with it, and know how to respond, in the responsibility to stop evil. If you are ignorant of fear, you will be manipulated by fear. If you are ignorant of evil, you will be subdued by evil.



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Knowledge of Evil to Cope and Combat Evil Effectively

Evil exists.

Evil must be known.

Failure to understand evil paralyzes our ability to combat it.

If we are ignorant of evil that exists, and at some point directly encounter it in our life instead of knowledge of evil through secondary experience, we may end up paralyzed in fear, frozen from the shock, unable to respond in either flight or fight mode, letting it continue and becoming a victim to evil ourselves.

If we do not have exposure to understanding fear and evil, we are insulated from the existence of reality and will be less able to cope with greater degrees of evil and inductions into fear that come our way.

Exposure to Fear and Evil

One comment

  • Positivity, ignorance and suppression of dealing with the negative in reality, not facing it in yourself either. Not having any knowledge, memory, of what evil is, in varying degrees, will make you impotent when faced with it in real life. Secondary knowledge, fiction, stories, secondary experience, etc. are all valid tools to illustrate what evil is without actually creating it into manifestation to learn from the left hand of chaos itself. We can be prepared and steeled to evil by knowing of evil, not by avoiding this knowledge of evil, avoiding the knowledge of evil and the negative that exists in the world or in ourselves. This is to know morality deeper and deeper and continually align with it.

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