A Second Look at the Law of Karma – Manly P. Hall

Reincarnation, Karma, Life After Death
“A Second Look at the Law of Karma”
– Lecture by Manly P. Hall


4m thoughtful of what we do to maximize benefits of existence
knowledge is to discover what we can do that is not trouble
ignorance is being unaware that what we do has consequences
8m karma is what we have done, why, and how
11m karma, cause and effect, (NL), not theological, but a dominant character in ethics, part of complete pattern of life
13m what we do is the basis of who we are
17m few ppl face their mistakes, we create our world we dont want
18m karma, failure to correct mistakes, conscience, warning against mistakes and compromises
19m cures of our ailments, making basic changes [core foundation]
20m we create our circumstances from past, doing things that make us happy while doing other things that dont
21m doing what is right liberates the soul
25m not wanting to face what we created, fix problems, helplessness
27m everything that is wrong ultimately fails [foundational core principle, recognize when you are on failure, and stop it now rather than it fail later]
28m thought, emotion action, internally cause and effect known by all, conscience
29m ethics of natural law cause and effect can be known through the rules
30m we are responsible for what can be known to be wrong
33m careers
34m we must discover, truth, life, the pattern, what is right from wrong, for ourselves
35m neurosis
36m pleasure is not the primary purpose of existence
37m graduating with honors from school of life
39m what we can learn that is not to be done to make our lives better
not learning or mislearn is a detriment to us
40m evidence of how cause and effect plays out before us by seeing them played out
42m ethical integrity
43m most troubles arise as interference we create between the levels of our own constitution, mind betrays heart, heart betrays body, etc.
44m link between actions and integrity, the more we have the more responsible we are

21m time and energy for university or courses for more money physical security, but nothing for integrities of life, we have to realize the need to grow, learn from mistakes
22m our lives as textbooks
23m *better values as basis for better living
27m karma is pressure to help one outgrow mistakes, the pressure of the discomforts of wrongdoings
28m perfection of self, unfold our potentials is part of potentials, seeds to trees

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