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In the years I have taken off of working in the social establishment, I have created this site and Trivium Method to help spread certain aspects of my understanding of reality. I have spent a lot of time thinking about reality and how to perceive, conceive, understanding and navigate reality more correctly and efficiently. I share my work freely to help others. If you have gained value from my work, please consider making a a donation of any amount you wish. Your kind gesture is appreciated.

I have been needing to study for more skills to get a job again after a few year of being unemployed, as technology employers do not want to hire someone who has been out of work for so long. My minimalist lifestyle consists of rent, food, electricity, internet, and that’s it! I don’t drink, smoke, party or go to restaurants. If I can find a way to sustain my minimalist simple way of life through my passion of consuming and generating knowledge of truth and morality for others to also learn and consume, I would much prefer that to going back to work in tech support! If I start a regular job, well there goes a lot of time from working on my upcoming projects.

Thank you again for even considering to donate and I hope my work has provided some value to you even if you don’t donate. Peace!

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