Analogy, Balance and In Between

This was started as research, but it developed into another journey to talk about like my uncovering of matter. If you want to see how etymology can help uncover understanding of reality, such as an aspect of how Natural Moral Law functions that I used as an example, then join me on this adventure in discovery! I had fun making these connections.



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ana + logos
according to ratio
from Greek analogia “proportion
from ana- “upon, according to” + logos “ratio,”

When we make an analogy, we make a comparison between two things and determine a relative proportionality, a ratio of similarity and difference that can be imprinted as a pattern. This pattern of correspondence, of analogy, can be seen in other things as they are compared to each other. Sometimes this evidence points to unseen laws.

Related: ratio, rational, reason, logic, truth, thought, thinking, contemplation, concentration, meditation, reflection, logos, measure (see previous EC articles, 1, 2, 3)

relates to: relation, measure, compare, division, parts
“due relation of one part to another,” also “size, extent; compartative relation in size, degree, number, etc.,”
related to portio “share, portion,” from PIE root *pere- (2) “to assign, grant, allot” (reciprocally, “to get in return;” cognates: Greek peprotai “it has been granted,” Sanskrit purtam “reward,”)
[*similar to correspond and correlate, bring something back*]

relation together
connection, correspondence;
“a bringing back, restoring; a report, proposition,”
to recount, tell, refer, report
from re- “back, again” + latus “carried, borne” (used as suppletive past participle of ferre “to bear”
from *tlatos, from PIE root *tele- “to bear, carry”

“to trace back (to a first cause), attribute, assign,”
referre “bring back, bear back”
“to carry back,” from re- “back” (see re-) + ferre “carry” (see infer)

from Latin inferre “bring into, carry in; deduce, infer, conclude, draw an inference; bring against,”
from in- “in” (see in- (2)) + ferre “carry, bear,”
from PIE *bher- (1) “to bear, to carry, to take”

respond together
to pledge back, promise in return
from PIE root *spend- “to make an offering, perform a rite,” hence “to engage oneself by a ritual act”

an automatic relation, one thing follows the other
Cause and Effect, Prime Ratio 1:1
Cause and Effect works reciprocally. A correlated, corresponded proportional ratio will connect two things. As one is output it causes and reciprocates a return in energy as an effect.

reciprocare “rise and fall, move back and forth; reverse the motion of,”
reciprocus “returning the same way, alternating,” from pre-Latin *reco-proco-, from *recus (from re- “back;” see re-, + -cus, adjective formation) + *procus (from pro- “forward;”)

From correlate, relate, refer, and infer, there is extol that also relates to carrying or bearing since to raise something up requires the bearing of it in your arms, etc.

“to lift up,” from Latin extollere “to place on high, raise, elevate,”
from ex- “up” (see ex-) + tollere “to raise,” from PIE *tele- “to bear, carry,”

There are cognates to *tele, carry and bear, relating to tollere, to raise. You can immediately see the word tolerate, “to bear, support,”. Other cognate relate to balance: talenton “a balance, pair of scales,” Atlas “the ‘Bearer’ of Heaven;” Lithuanian tiltas “bridge;” Sanskrit tula “balance,”.

For the bearing and supporting, to carry, bear back, something is received then given back. Since we have it, we have to bear it and carry it back. To simply bear something and carry it forever, may not be a good thing.

This relates to Cause and Effect, a component of Natural Moral Law. Toleration is not something to seek in regards to evil, immoral actions, wrong-doings. To bear with the effects of evil is to let evil continue unchallenged. If we do nothing, it will only get worse. Cause and Effect involved Rhythm, and in a way Polarity and Gender since they are two things. An effect happens due to a cause. The effect can then become stimulus to cause other effects, as effects interconnect and correlate with the environment they are produced in. One thing can lead to, or cause, another, and another, etc. In the position of effect reception to potentially create a cause from that stimulus input, you cannot simply bear the negative effects, those wrong-doings and evil, and certainly not to perpetuate the cycle by outputting evil yourself. The effect needs to create an appropriate response, our ability, responsibility, is to bear back the energy and remove the evil around us, not to simply bear it forever. We need to rechannel and reorganized the corruption of our reality into one of Truth and Morality so that we can live in the sanity of coherence, integrity, consistency, unity, harmony, etc.

It seems bearing, not bearing back, but bearing, carrying forever (tolerate), and balance, are related. Balances carry things, but do they carry them forever?

from Latin scala “ladder, staircase”
“succession or series of steps” later meaning
“split, divide”
“to cut, cleave, split”

libra, literally “pound, balance,” from Mediterranean base *lithra- “a scale.”

Tangent: bear, carry, balance, scale, we can scale up a ladder, which is to climb, to go up, like extol.

Proportions, ratios, relations, etc. what we are already talking about, has to do with parts, and division into parts. Scale is rooted in split, divide. Scale is related to balance and the carry, bear tele root, relating to tolerance just so we don’t forget.

“balance, scales for weighing,”
bilancia, from Late Latin bilanx, from Latin (libra) bilanx “(scale) having two pans,”
the meaning “general harmony between parts” is from 1732

A balance is used to equate two things, or measure them if ratios are known in the angle. We don’t want to equate good and evil with the same weight and measure in a horizontal harmony. We want a harmony and stillness that is not horizontal in measure, but is angeled as far as possible towards the good.

You never balance good and evil literally, only relationally. When we use a balance, we set two things on scales to compare their relative measurements. We measure one thing to see its relation to another thing measured. We can measure good in comparison to evil, and we can discern between the two. We are not to balance good and evil in our lives in a literal sense. You relate good to evil so that you can come to know them in greater degrees in order to end slavery and create freedom. You do not literally balance evil and good and engage in them both equally. That is pure folly.

The verb of active balance is to bring equal horizontal balance, not uneven. Equilibrium. Forward and reverse actions are the same. There is no forward or back, no reciprocity. There is no carrying back to. There is carrying, bearing it, not bearing it back. It is a no net change, stillness.

Is this what we want with evil? To balance, bear and carry the evil without any re-channeling and reorganizing to change the condition of evil and work to remove evil that exists? No, that is not how reality should work as Free Will Causal Agents under Natural Law. We are Natural Law Causal Agents of Reciprocity and Redress. The balance needs to move, not stay still, when there is evil in our midst. We need to push back, to carry back, to bring back, the energy, the force, that was sent against us, and re-channel to tip the scales back into the side of good, which is the side we should and need to be on. We have to keep pushing the shit back, carrying it back, bring back, bear it back, as long as the hits keep on coming we can’t only bear and carry them and take them without doing anything about it. That is the reciprocity. We receive and get pushed. If we don’t push back, the swings will keep coming and the force impact will build up pressure from all that abuse we carry and bear. That is the situation we have now. We have falsity all around us, and we simply let it continue. The fact that most people are living in falsity, in a false conception of reality, and cannot see injustice and immorality clearly, does not excuse what we have let happen.

So balances do not carry and bear the forces in their scales, plates, cups, shells, skulls, etc. Causal Agents and Cause and Effect interrelate.  The balance is only at rest when there is no evil pushing against us. Otherwise, if the balance is at rest with evil, it means we are just taking it. When we fight back, evil will fightback, and the scales will move in measures of force. When we reduce the force of evil, the force of good increases and we tip the scales towards good. Evil needs to be removed. The power of the falsity and negative outweighs the truth and positive when we try to join them, and therefore evil needs to be removed for true unity and harmony to occur.

With analogy, correspondence, correlation, discernment, diagnosis, assessment, judgment, analysis, etc. we can come to know reality in greater degrees of accuracy. We can form dualistic conceptual frameworks to understand certain aspects of reality that fit into those models of comparison. These are some words to help us perceive, conceive, understand and navigate reality. Correspond, correlate, refer, etc. all had to do with carrying back after receiving, a reciprocal motion, such as Cause and Effect are, which is the Prime Ratio of proportion. For each cause, there is an effect. Cause is related to effect. The recognition of this universal concept is corresponded in different parts of reality to confirm its existence, as some aspects of reality are analogous to other aspects. Cause and effect correspond to each other in relational view of a dualistic conceptual framework, and they are inseparable pairs as well, representing one aspect in parts of rhythm and motion along a scale.

Carry back, bear back, bring back in correspondence is not the same for relational understanding, as it is for literal composition. Literal composition is to try to compose a unity of good and evil, in attempted harmonious balance, which does not work. The relational understanding is the dualistic conceptual framework that helps us understand one thing in relation to another. When the Natural Law Causal Agent is involved in real world literal composition of reality, in creation, we do not want evil present in our lives as it compromises the good we have and eats and erodes it away, slowly or fast. We need to be the ones pushing back, it is not a conceptual relational understanding where we let the two things correspond and correlate of their own accord through our observations and understanding of reality. If we do not push back, Natural Law does not do it for us. We are the Causal Agents that engage in reality with Free Will. Natural Laws operate as a program of order. Everything that enslaves us is created by us. We are the central causers, sowers and creators of evil, and we will be the central reapers in the end if we do not change our ways. There is always a way out, the Right Way and Path. There is always redemption for those who repent. We can tip the scales, we can rechannel, reorganize and rebalance the world towards the good, in true balance of being towards all good, to the extreme of good, truth is extreme. We want to tolerate, extol, bear and carry good, not evil. Seek, discover, align, harmonize and unite with Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will, etc.

Dualistic Conceptual Framework
Natural Law Causal Agents

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