Learning Tip – Verify the Depth of Your Convictions

A tip for learning. Question the assumptions people put forth for validating their conclusions, and question your own, in as much as you are able to self-reflect and contemplate upon the depth and veracity of the idea, concepts or beliefs you hold about reality. The deeper you go to prove something right or wrong, will show you how right or wrong you are either way, and you may need to change your conclusions. How is it true? Is it a possible belief, and not an actual aspect of reality apart from our imagination?

Most of the symbolism, imagery and influences we receive, that we accept, are usually only sowing us the appearance that is desired to be seen. We need to go deeper to the substance of our convictions to determine if they are authentic reality and truth, or simply imagined beliefs inducted, invoked and imposed into us. We can be psychologically manipulated into accepting beliefs, and we can psychologically manipulate ourselves into accepting them as well.

Many of the assumptions we put forth as truths are induced conceptual influences that were rhetorically effective and had an affect upon us to accept them as a foundational axiom of truth in reality. Truth often takes time. Over time I am continually shedding the influential beliefs others have induced into me, and rebuilding my foundations from an explicit correspondence with existence, rather than an implicit trust in the influence from others who created a version of reality for me, built from imagination that others have invoked within me to accept without enough verification.

In time, and if the concept is delved into deeper, the errors in the concept can be uncovered and realized if present, that is if we want to find out if what we accept is really true and real, or simply imagined to be real as a belief we are bound to in trust, loyalty and faith. We accept many beliefs as truth in reality, because we accept the symbolism and imagery we create, or others provide to us, as though it were truth in reality, without enough verification ourselves.

In the past few months I have been re-evaluating all my models for reality, as some who have followed my earlier work can see the contrast. My earlier work talks about transcendental being, and externalizing of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, etc. as a force or thing somewhere else that is absolute and we tap into or become expressions of. It’s as all from my consciousness and influence from other people, as beliefs I had developed a trust, loyalty and faith in, and become attached and bounded to as a result. There is an infatuation with a cult of personality or a cult of ideas that can be formed when we are heavily influenced and accept the concept provided, so we implicitly accept the information.

Deepening knowledge in aspects of self-knowledge, consciousness, symbolism, language, the triviumĀ  method, and how we process reality, has uncovered a faulty foundation for many concepts I held. Everything we receive from the environment will influence us, from birth to death. Dissecting concepts deeply enough to uncover their faults takes time, energy, effort, dedication, persistence and determination. Many beliefs are widespread and perpetuate for millennia because they are so convincing upon first impression of the symbolism and imagery in consciousness we are invoked and influenced with.

I am trying hard to express what I now understand, but it requires you to delve into thinking about these things yourself and doing the leg work yourself that I did to get here in order to understand it in its complexity as a simplicity. It is beautiful to free the mind from these imagined beliefs, as though they were true. Beliefs are beliefs, not truth in reality-existence, which is primary, not secondary.

The barrier to knowledge of existence-reality and to self-knowledge, is ourselves, consciousness, the double-edged sword of imagination that can create fantasy beliefs for us to accept as legitimate reality and truth without proper verification, in order to provide answers to deep psychologically chaotic questions that many of us desperately want to have an answer to, to fill that gap of confusion and incomprehension about reality. Rather than have the psychological discomfort of doubt, of not knowing, many people need to fill in that void with anything that creates an appearance of cohesion and wholeness, even if it is only imagined. The substance of authentic reality and truth is not simply acknowledged through phantasmal imaginations, devoid of grounding in reality that is supposed to be used to demonstrate the expression of a truth about reality.

Get back to grounding in reality, stop believing imagination as reality and truth when it is not, when it is at best a possibility, at at wost pure fantasy. Learn what the foundations for knowledge are, which is the reality-existence you find yourself in, as the absolute basis for your development of knowledge, not an imagined other “reality” as the absolute realer reality…