Infatuated with Ideas and Beliefs

Ideas captivate our imagination. Ideas, concepts and beliefs are strewn with portraits, snapshots, paintings or film that consciousness creates to visualize them. We may think we are holding onto an idea, yet it’s often the ideas that have us in their grasp and we are shaped by them.

Ideas captivate. They are light bulbs (bright idea) that attract us to their light, and we get sucked in, to gaze upon their brilliance with awe, wonder and amazement.

Beliefs, concepts or ideas are powerful. They can sway us emotionally through the imagery they invoke within us to feel a certain way. They can “love-bomb” us by being something we want to hear, that makes us feel-good about ourselves or gives us an answer about life. We feel grateful towards the idea itself, or more specifically the person it came from.

Beliefs will grasp us, and captivate us as silly lovers, blinding us into foolishness. That is the infatuation we undergo by being captivated by “feel-good” imagery from words, writing, music or video. We automatically “fall” for them as the source of our positive emotive state. We are led by this emotional state, and can be made silly, stupid or foolish: infatuated. Something has invoked an emotional state of consciousness and clouds a rational evaluation.

Whatever is novel, fantastic, and wonderful is believed and accepted by many people. That’s why the many “New Age” fantasy narratives are so attractive and mesmerizing. Ideas can be hypnotizing and influence us into being under their spell. Ideas are captivating. Ideas have us. We are under the influence of their emotional affect upon us, attached to them like a puppet on strings.

We can be fooled by an idea being accepted into our life because of how grand, wonderful, and awe struck it makes us feel. If it makes us feel like we belong to something bigger than ourselves, then we really feel “connected” in some way, “connected” to “God”, anything that we subsume ourselves under. But this is all going on inside our mind to affect our body/sensations/feelings.

Many people accept concepts because they have a physiological affect of “feeling-good”, not because of the truthfulness of the statements. This is to “feel” your way through information and ideas.

We must ask ourselves questions and doubt. Ask ourselves if this is actually true or if we merely choose to believe it because of the effect it has on us.

Ideas are powerful. Thoughts are powerful. Be careful what you accept into yourself that affects you.

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Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people.