Speak About Human Immorality Towards Animals

People view evolution and progress as equating to survival. It does not. True Evolution and Progress, is related to Morality, as is True Freedom, Peace, Spirituality and everything else you want to get that is truly good. When the focus is on survival, the focus is not on others things, the focus is not on Morality. When the focus is on survival, your behavior is based around survival. You will consider things in relation to your subjective survival, your benefit, your desires, and not in terms of objective Morality or Truth.

Someone who puts Morality first, will not be as concerned over survival as they will over their moral behavior. This is evolving from a lower base amoral animalistic consciousness of immoral living towards higher order consciousness of moral living.

Let’s invent some numbers to make a point. For a person focused on survival, they will want to live the longest, and not consider the moral factor of their behavior as much. Let’s say eating animal flesh only would allow you to live to 100 (which is false as no one does this). Everyone who was focused on survival would only eat meat, being convinced that only meat had what we need to survive. And let’s imagine all the vegans would die at 50 lets say. All of the moral “vegan” people, would choose to live until 50 while living a moral life, rather than live to 100 in immoral carnism of exploitation, enslavement, harm, violence and murder. That is the difference between a carnist and a “vegan”, a non-vegan and a non-carnist. The former cares more about their personal lifespan than the lives of others. The latter cares more about the lives of others than simply their own personal lifespan. That is the ethical choice in being “vegan”. It is not about health.

Try it out. Eat only animal flesh if you think it’s so healthy for you. Let’s see how long you live that way! I know vegans can live with only plants, people have done it for thousands of years in isolated pockets, but it is now growing. So why all the aversion to stop participating in immoral behavior when you don’t need to do that immoral behavior to survive? People do not really want to change. People do not really want to evolve. People are attached to their culture, tradition, customs and ego-personality-identity construct that prevents them from even realizing the need for such change.

Do you want to see what it really is to speak Truth and Morality to people and create real pressure, tension, conflict and controversy? Do you want to speak about the hardest truth for anyone to face? Talk about animal morality. Talk about “veganism”. This is the #1 HARD Truth that I have encountered. If you think you are doing the hardest Great Work talking about human crimes and slavery, while not talking about “veganism” and animal morality, then you don’t know what it is talk about the HARDEST of Truths! Maybe you do know, and that is why you don’t talk about the animal issue, because of how hard it is. I talk about it because of how hard it is. The hardness of the animal morality issue represents the depth and axiomatic foundational position it takes up in our concept of reality. It is such a deeply ingrained mind-virus and acceptable behavioral pattern, it underlies so much of our other behavior and must be dealt with. To ignore this fundamental deeply ingrained factor while targeting the secondary manifested behavior and effect is not as efficient. We should always target the root causal factors first, as their resolution will dissolve the secondary effects they produced. Targeting the secondary effects will create more work. Working backwards from all the existing crap we have created will take forever.

We should deeply understand the root causal factors and deal with those, not ignore them in our efforts in the Great Work to end evil and slavery. The animal immorality psychology underlies it all. Do you think aliens implanted the idea and behavior of slavery into our minds? Who implanted it into their minds? Where did it first come from in order to be shared? The root is a consciousness itself that chose to do it. Someone first came up with the behavior and spread its influence to others, even if humans didn’t come up with it on their own. The problem is, where did the disconnection, dissociation and de-identification first start to create the first immoral behavior? Maybe it was an existing behavioral programming from animalistic living that needs to be shed as evolution to higher order consciousness takes place. Or maybe we originally did not even use this means of survival at first but it is a learned behavior that was developed later through a choice of acting a certain way. Regardless if we evolved with it in use or learned it ourselves or from another species, the specific immoral actions against other animal beings is wrong and needs to stop. The action is what counts. The immoral action against a human animal or other nonhuman animal is the same action, but the degree is different.

Why is “veganism” important? Why is it the hardest of hard truths to face? If all the so-called “truthers” can uncover and accept occulted information, why can’t they accept the obviousness of the immorality against nonhuman animal beings? This all tells me of the profound importance that this most deeply ingrained mind-virus has on us, especially those of us who uncover hidden aspects of reality and totally miss this. People are so blind they can find out occulted knowledge but can’t face the truth of animal immorality? They can see the occulted covert knowledge but still can’t see or face the obvious overt immorality we engage in daily? “Vegans” are more in touch with foundational morality, a true moral baseline, than carnist “truthers”. Carnist “truthers” find the hidden truth but can’t face the obvious.

The “vegan” at least recognizes the obvious immoral reality RIGHT NOW, even if they can’t see the occulted hidden reality. The “vegan” actually has removed themselves from direct participating in exploitation, enslavement, harm, violence and murder that non-vegans (yes carnists “truthers”) are paying for every week. This creation of evil doesn’t need to happen. It’s all voluntary. Taxes are not voluntary when you work for someone who automatically takes them, it isn’t voluntary when they are stolen by coercion, so we all pay for wars and murder against humans in general, but the choices in our monetary purchases in 100% completely in our hands. Non-vegans are not directly buying human dead bodies, carcasses, corpses and cadavers to eat, that would be paying to murder, violate, harm, enslave and exploit humans. Non-vegans are doing these things to nonhuman animals. The moral baseline is to not engage in immoral actions, period. The tricks of the human system we have created, the illusion we participate in, such as money, government, religion, are secondary in terms of direct harm, direct violence, direct exploitation, direct enslavement, direct murder. Our system all do this indirectly so that we enslave ourselves. The enslavement and violation we bring upon other animals is much more severe and direct. We murder over 55 billion land animals every year on this planet. Does the same happen to human animals at our hands or anyone else’s for us to focus on us more?

Our focus at large in the “truther” movement is diverted to the selfish human sphere of actions against ourselves, rather than the larger sphere of care and compassion to look at all the actions we do to all animals in the animal kingdom and sphere we belong to, and objectively see where the greater evil is, where the greater harm is, where the greater violence is, where the greater slavery is. We are enslaving ourselves, and this can be likened to self-harm in that respect, which is not a Moral violation in the aggregate, since we go along with all of this by rejecting Truth in our lives. However, we are enslaving other animals, and this is a direct violation of Morality, as we have no right to harm others. The self-harm we bring upon our species is allowable to a degree within the larger aggregate sphere we participate in, but not in the smaller of each individual unit where the obviousness of causal relations is seen and acted upon. This is why Natural Law Causal Agents are important, which I will eventually explain in depth in the work at NaturalLawScience.org.

To know and not to do is not to know. It is NOT about all the new things you can do that are possibly in alignment with GOOD, it is about all the current/old things you are doing right now that are EVIL. The EVIl needs to be stopped more than new GOOD things need to be invented. Stop working things the wrong way. All the knowledge one accumulates, all the jobs they do, all the information they share, all the media they create, is not worth much if they do not work to remove themselves from EVIL as much as they can, because they can, and have no right to do these EVIL actions to other beings. If you don’t try to get others to stop their participation in all evil, and only put pressure on them to stop human forms of evil, then what does that say about your Care for Truth and Morality as a whole?

I don’t care at all to make friends with just anyone. I want to make friends with people who Care for Truth and Morality. Then you are part of my family. This is about getting onto the same moral page, onto the same moral baseline, so that we can live morally together, rather than in the inherent opposition of morality trying to combat immorality. The conflict between those who live as morally as they can vs. those who don’t want to face the moral truth and still perpetuate actions of murder, enslavement and exploitation daily or weekly. The moral baseline isn’t “well, just don’t hurt your family because you need them to survive” or “don’t hurt humans because we need each other to survive”. The moral baseline is don’t hurt any animal being because we don’t have the right to do so. Choices for survival do not equate to moral right. Choice is choice, it can be good or evil, we have to choose wisely. We can reduce our harm as much as we can because we can, and because we have no right to do the harm. We need to eat to live, but we don’t need to eat dead bodies, corpses, cadavers or carcasses. Plants have it all.

If you are “vegan”, would it be an affront if someone were eating human flesh? Would you put pressure on them to stop that? Then why not nonhuman flesh? Are relationships more important than truth? Would you lose support and help in your efforts, in life, if you spoke up about this HARD Truth of a holocaust people are participating in? Yes, maybe, even likely. But you would be standing for Truth and Morality in the face of carnism that people don’t want to face, to stand against that underlying deep root causal behavior that has us create evil into being and prevents us from truly uniting in a moral baseline.

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