Why is Veganism Important in Awakening and Ending Evil?

The obviousness of the evil and wrong in non-vegan living, in carnism, is hidden from the perception of most peoples minds, despite our direct involvement in what it is. Once someone can see the truth about Morality in animals — about something seen and visible in the world that they were not seeing, something obvious we choose to be oblivious to — then maybe they will understand how the more hidden aspects of reality are even less visible to them and how ignorant they must be of things they can’t yet see. After all, the meat issue was right in front of them, in a piece of dead body carcass they bought all the time, but they didn’t connect to what was really going on. The fact that there are things they can’t see, that they aren’t yet aware of, should be an awareness now, if it wasn’t before.



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If nonhuman animals do indeed matter to Natural Moral Law and our conduct of behavior, then any Moral violation against them is always and forever such, i.e. there are not justifications for immoral action, just as it is for moral considerations to human animals. Then the murder and direct overt enslavement and exploitation brought about against billions of nonhuman animals each year, outweighs all the covert human murders by wars, other human murders in general, and the overall enslavement system of living we all live in to varying degrees that create harm. Tell me, are there over 50 billion human animals being murdered each year? No. But over 50 billion nonhuman animals are. What is the greatest crime: tacit acceptance of covert human slavery, or engagement in overt slavery and murder of another species? What human animals are doing to other human animals pales in gravity compared to what humans are doing to other nonhuman animals, its not even close in terms of the gross violations of morality. In terms of seriousness of the crime, to put your own species’ self-inflicted suffering, above that of the suffering your species creates for other species, is something evil and satanic, if not simply arrogant.

This is like harming oneself (self-inflicted suffering) and harming others (inflicting suffering to other nonhuman animal species). You may not, ever, harm another, that is Natural Law Level 1. If you choose to harm yourself, you are the only one who can, even though you violate your own health and wellbeing, which is a violation of Natural Law Level 2, but not Level 1 of harming others. We may be allowed to keep harming ourselves until we learn, even though it violates Level 2 NL, but we do not, and never have had, the right to harm other beings which violates Level 1 NL. We can always choose to do anything we want, but a choice is never automatically “right” simply because it is a choice of our own free will. A plant is not an animal. Get over it, get grounded, get in touch with reality!

Morality is not subjective, it is objective.

Either humans have moral consideration, or they don’t. If they do, it applies all the time, not whenever convenient for you to apply the moral concern.

Either nonhuman animals have moral considerations, or they don’t. If they do, it applies all the time, not whenever convenient for you to apply the moral concern.

If you want to end evil, you start with the most egregious violations of morality or end them all at once if you can.

Do you start with ending all the government, money and other deceptions of enslavement, before you end the outright slavery against other races? No, you start with the big things and stop them first. You stop enslaving people from Africa and other places before you worry about your own self-created enslavement in the compliance with government that create your own suffering. Natural Law has two levels: Do no harm to others, then Do no harm to yourself. You have no right to harm others, and that must be stopped instead of essentially ignoring it to focus more on the more personal harm that involves you being harmed in some way by your own actions of allowing it to happen (i.e. the system we live in).

The same is so of the animal morality issue. You don’t go work on all the moral violations that exist that you and others create for yourself, you go and get rid of the egregious violations we do to others first, then you work on how you enslave yourself. First stop enslaving others, then get yourself and others to change the way you live and no longer enslave yourself.

You don’t start with the covert occult hidden aspects of slavery. You start with what is obvious and visible to the eyes readily.

“Veganism” is the readily, visible to the eyes, End to Evil and Slavery, end to the Predator Dominator mind-virus, at its source, root causal factor. It is the egregious billions-of-murders each year violation. Other human-on-human violations that we do to ourselves are second in degree and number. We only make them take precedence because of our identification with others, from family, to community, to country, to global, etc. Very few consider the other nonhuman animals in their circle of identification and not doing harm to, apart from “pets” mainly which displays more moral inconsistency in our application of values and principles.

And I think I just uncovered the intuitive issue I had with people not talking about “veganism” even though they knew of its moral accuracy, as if it was less important than the human evils going on. Now I have brought the feeling to light with logic and hashed out why I was seeing this initially in the background fuzzy darkness of the mind. Some people  focus on the personal aspect of their own enslavement, with the human-on-human factor taking precedence in what they talk about. So, human wins out over nonhuman, and the severity and number of the crimes of human-on-nonhuman is also diminished in favor of the human-on-human violations of lesser magnitude. I also understand why it is a hard message to talk about, because people really do not want to hear this hardest of hard truths to accept. I also understand more why I have targeted the broad-animal enslavement and murder as the root causal factor for our own human-on-human enslavement and murder. I do think it has affected the overall receptivity of the other Truths I have to share. I mostly target morality, “veganism”, mind control/psychology, and understanding reality in general. Some people simply reject all the work you do when you speak about Morality this deeply. Oh well.

What is the goal really? What is the point of awakening to anything in reality? Isn’t it to end ALL Evil? To bring about True Freedom and Peace as a result? Or is it to only end specific species slavery, like “human slavery”, or gorilla slavery, etc., and still have the left hand doing evil against other nonhuman animals while the right hand thinks all is good and right with the world as it doesn’t enslave other human animals? If you let people who are carnists remain carnists, they will always be carnists. The desire to seek and live Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, etc. is the only thing than can get us to evolve consciousness. People who remain attached to carnism are not embracing the Truth and what is moral in life.

What is important here in life? You think its “human slavery”? No, it’s slavery period! All of it! The only way forward, is with people who have True Care, Care for Truth. Those who only care about humans, are still part of the problem of slavery by still engaging in it, because they don’t want to face the mirror and Truth, because they don’t Care for Truth enough! It’s that simple. That is the real, one true divide: Care for Truth. Either you Care to go towards more Truth and more Moral ways of living, or you don’t and you enjoy staying right where you are, in Apathy and Fear of Truth.

The awakening and evolution of consciousness, is linked to the cleansing of the body as well as the mind. When we clean our bodies of these undesired substances, we clean our bodies and minds from systemic poisoning, and this helps us to deepen our moral compass and capacity. To think that “veganism”, doing no harm, no murder or overt enslavement of other non human animals that is currently accepted as right, is less important than the already unacceptable slavery of human animals, is folly. We are actively engaging in “acceptable” murder and overt enslavement against innocent life of some species, while not having those same behaviors acceptable to human animals. There is a world of difference in the overt visible, normalized, acceptable evil being done to other nonhuman animals, compared to the lack of such blatant murder towards other human animals in respective societies. War is another bullshit justification to ignore “veganism”, but that isn’t happening in all countries, while the animal holocaust and evil is continuing across the board, and hasn’t stopped for thousands of years. Wars have rest periods. This holocaust on animals does not stop.

Cleansing the body helps to evolve consciousness. It is a bonus to being more moral.

Do you want to know how you can really test someones Care for Truth? Talk to them about “veganism” and morality for animals and see whether they accept the Vegan Truth, of doing no harm to other sentient animate beings because we don’t need to and don’t have the right to do it. Those who have awakened the initial Care for Truth will honestly question themselves and their current way of living instead of rejecting a moral truth through ignorance.

I had written most of this before today’s previous post, “Veganism” is NOT the United Nations or New Agers, so there is some overlap of concepts.