Attachment to Social Integration Prevents the Removal of Evil

We can live in childlike playfulness with the innocence of nescience of evil and enjoy life, if we live in Natural Moral Law and do no serious wrongs against others. Imagine if evil were removed, and no longer visible, no longer learned in behavior, then no one could copy it, and nescience of evil emerges along with a state of innocence.  In this innocence, we can trust each other to live in peace and harmony as we all humble ourselves under Natural Moral Law, and follow the same Path and Way of Moral Living in True Unity. As long as we follow the Path and Way of Truth, Love, Good, then we will not need to know evil. If however there is evil existing and acting in the world, it must be known. Therefore, in all states, it is always prudent to have knowledge of evil, to some degree, or have a repository of knowledge to access and learn from in case further depth of understanding is required in order to be able to respond ably in responsibility.

If we choose to pursue the ambitions of man’s creations devoid of the absolute supremacy and supreme rulership of Truth and Natural Moral Laws, we will end up creating illusions and devices of temptation and distraction to enslave us. We don’t need any technology or anything like that to live in True Freedom and Peace. If we choose to use manufactured and constructed devices from the mind of man to facilitate life, we need to be sure they are in accordance with the parameters and boundaries of moral affect that our own actions and behaviors have on other beings and the planet as a whole.

Our attachment to various wrongs over the actual Right mostly comes from upholding the primary constructs about reality that we base our lives and identity upon which are imposed by the existing environment/society. Then we seek to accomplish goals within that system of constructs as part of our ambitions and desires. Doing what is objectively Right often conflicts with the accomplishment of goals, desires, and ambitions within the artificial construct of man’s current system of living, which most people consider “right”.  There is inherent conflict between Truth and falsity. This demonstrates itself in the inherent conflict that develops in the insanity and illness of society. We develop schisms of mental, emotional, psychological and “spiritual” imbalance, and inauthentic, unexamined, unsubstantial living, that compounds and reciprocates back into our sense of reality as negative emotional cues to signal something is wrong that we should pay attention to. This is often interpreted as “depression” or other things to signal a conflict between the truth felt at some level and the imposition of our false self. Our solution in the everyday is by keeping ourself focused on the “now” and the feel-goodness we can extrapolate from the experiences of life, to keep ourselves happy and not have to really to look at this nagging negativity we sense but won’t look into. The fear of facing the negative things that don’t feel right about how we live our lives has a hold on many people and prevents them from evolving, growing, healing, etc.

Our society is geared towards the tolerance and acceptance of wrongs. This is evident as the tolerance permeates the corrupted political and central authority power forces of police and military dominance. The tolerance of evil spreads to create the global control grid. We are not standing up for what is Right, not speaking what is Right enough, and letting too much wrong-doing go unchallenged. The system is geared towards the tolerance of wrongs in other aspects of life. We allow problems to continue to cyclically manifest in order to provide a niche for economic survival. If there were not the amount of problems in our way of living as we currently have, most of the jobs wold be gone and we would be left with a large population without work because  whole sectors of economic survivability have been removed since the problems are not there anymore. Medicine, banking, government, and on and on would not be required. Already, that is probably over 50% of jobs.

As population increases the amount of jobs created by the increase in population, or the amount of jobs available to support the increase in population, is less than the amount of jobs required to sustain economic survivability for those new population members. If you have 3000 more people, you only need a little increase in a few sectors such as gasoline, electricity, food, etc. A job shortage occurs from the increase in population being more than the jobs that get created to support their arrival. The demand for jobs is more than the demand for goods or services that jobs are created for. Other things in life, such as problems, are required in order to sustain economic survivability in the faulty way of living we have constructed. Politicians, police, have already been mentioned, but look at construction and other sectors such as medicine. Such waste of money to redo jobs that never get done right in construction. Building libraries that no one will use. In medicine there is funding for research that goes nowhere because they don’t actually want cures, only remedies to the problems/symptoms, and keep the underlying causal factor there, only applying band-aids of temporary relief. All of these millions of dollars of stolen money gets wasted around, year after year, keeping people in slave debt tax bondage. It’s a huge joke. If we try to change anything while people are still attached to falsity, to false ways of living, to their false selves and ego-personality-identity constructs, then they will fight to protect and preserve the falsities. We will be trying to get rid of all these wrong doings that people are doing, but since they do them for economic survivability, they will not be willing to lose their comfortable employment, let alone even confront their way of living honestly to begin with. The attachment to falsity needs to be released, and a desire for doing right embraced to supersede the comfort of the current economic survivability people have.

The more problems exist, the more that jobs can continue to exist, and increase, to maintain the population increase and demand for economic survival we all have in this false system of living. If people were to seriously call out the wrongs instead of choosing to maintain relationships, make new ones, avoid conflict, or feel-good through letting people remain attached to falsity, lies, deceptions, mind control and down-right evil, then we would see many jobs disappear as a consequence of the removal of falsity in our lives. Most of our jobs are useless, and many are harmful. They continue to exist because of the demand in their service and the need in survival they provide. Their existence is supported by those who do it because they need economic survival in the current system we live in. There are cures for diseases suppressed because that would remove whole sectors of the establishment’s energy siphoning capabilities (a money and physical action succubus). These sectors have been subsequently constructed to alleviate the symptoms and provide band-aids to the problem disease, not actually fix any problems. They become economic dependences, and people will fight to keep them afloat, even if they are unethical and contrary to Truth. People could find something else to do, but they choose the convenience and security of the job they already have. They fear the unknown of finding another source of steady income, to ensure their survival in society, to ensure the maintenance of their lifestyle, of their property, of their attachments to various things.

We allow evil to continue because we are not doing anything about it, let alone learning how we participate in it and removing ourselves from it first of all. We are caught up in the attractions, distractions, and temptations of the world we live in, the false reality constructed to guide us along preselected redirections of our energy potential. We are like units of energy, a battery, just as depicted in The Matrix, universal constructors to feed the system. In order to remove the evil, we need to remove ourselves from creating it, and help others do the same. We are all the ones participating in creating it. It is all up to us to take our power back, and not let it continually be siphoned and channeled into the preselected pathways of the system. Our integration into the system of living keeps us creating within the parameters of the program we are conditioned with. This is not true integrity. True Integrity comes from Foundational Living in Truth and Morality. That is True Unity. Those who are attached to social integration and being “happy” within the system, seeking experiences and pleasures as their main goal,  will have a hard time seeing the truth of reality and developing the True Self that sees beyond the limitations of the current human social construct of reality that is progressing towards more fear, ignorance, apathy, cowardice, laziness, confusion, control, chaos and Evil.