These are most of the infographics I’ve made. All of them can be found in the category Infographics (or most). They are presented in reverse chronological order, meaning the oldest ones I did are at the bottom.


Empowering Change: Harnessing the Power of Consciousness


Natural Law – The Science of Morality, Part 3: True Freedom


Natural Law – The Science of Morality, Part 2: Slavery


Natural Law – The Science of Morality, Part 1: Rights


Key Points/Chart on ‘Aquinas’ Essay on Freedom and Morality


Speak Truth to Create Change


What is Belief?

The Four Elements and the Elemental Quaternity of Life (Updated)

Consciousness, Causality & Free Will – Aggregately Sowing and Reaping Our Collective Reality (Updated)

Windows of Perception (Updated)

Free Will Choice and Causal Determinism (Updated)

Unity Consciousness (v2/Updated)

Care for Truth – The Great Work


Moral Law Alchemical Distillation Symbolism Updated

Moral Law, Consciousness and Trivium Method Chart Updated

Higher Consciousness Apotheosis

Being and Becoming

Consciousness and Truth

Truth and Free Will Valuation: Which is Inviolable?

Reality Processing

Ka-Maat, Karma, Wheel of Life

Egyptian Ka, Bull, Alphabet & Ankh Symbolism

Elemental Quaternity – Reality and Consciousness Symbolism

Speak Truth Into Existence

Truth, Perception, Reality and Dualism

Consciousness and Causality Symbolism Pt.2

Consciousness and Causality Symbolism Pt.1

Symbols, Reality, Knowledge, Belief and Attachment
Grounding in Reality

Metaphysics, Language and Reality (Trivium Fundamentals)

Language and Reality (Trivium & Thought Importance)



True Unity is Based in Morality

Mind and Heart, Left and Right “Brain”

The Philosopher’s Stone

Spectrum of Living

Natural Law Boundary Conditions

Substance vs Appearance

Natural Law Causal Agents

Natural Law Alchemical Distillation

Perceiving Reality
Alchemical Divorce Pt.1
Alchemical Divorce Pt.2
Reality vs. Perception – Reality Processing
Perceptual Distractions
Insulated Bubbles of Reality

Unity Consciousness
Free Will Choice and Causality
Causality, Consciousness and Choice
Aggregate Sowing and Reaping
Reality Affection – Man’s will vs. Natural Law’s Will
Causality, Consciousness, Natural Law and the Trivium Method
Unity is Based in Morality
How Unity, Integrity, Consistency and Harmony Work
Unite on the Path We Walk
Empowering Change
Trinity of Unconsciousness
Care for Truth

Ahimsa Sacred Feminine and Justice Sacred Masculine

Foundational Living and True Unity Infographics

First Few Infographics

  • Natural Law, Trivium & Consciousness Chart
  • Truth, Natural Law, Heaven and Hell Bible Symbolism
  • Circle of Life
  • Dualistic Conceptual Framework

Synopsis of 25 New Age Deceptions

Consciousness Symbolism is Multi-Layered