Natural Law Causal Agents and Pressure

When we realize the power we have, of abdicating from evil, from the immoral aspects of living we accept as “reality”, we can act to remove ourselves from participation in that system of living, to starve it, because we want to create a new system. This is acting as Natural Law Causal Agents to support and stand with Natural Law, to align and unite with it. To remove the evil from the world we need to stop participating in it and feeding it. The same process can be applied to individual evils that are not generalized as coming from the system. These would be the individual behaviors of each person that is participating in various forms of evil. Each person’s actions is what creates and feeds the system of living we collectively participate in.

We can remove ourselves from participation in evil that we engage in personally, and withdraw our support from other aspects of living that participate in evil, such as withdrawal, non-support and non-participation in certain aspects of the system that fuel evil. To remove our energy from feeding evil. We cannot put pressure on a constructed system that only exists as a result of each our actions that allow it to be this way. The system is not a conscious entity for Natural Law Causal Agents to apply pressure and tension on for it to change. It is the resulted manifestation of our aggregate behaviors. The only things that can have pressure applied to them are the individuals that make up the general construct of the system and way of life we all accept. We can only affect change by applying pressure on other individuals. This is the Great Work of harmonizing, uniting and aligning with Natural Moral Law. This is each of our responsibility. The responsibility to Truth. This is what people do not want to do because it takes a lot of time, attention, energy, determination, dedication and persistence to follow through continuously. It first starts with ourselves, putting pressure on ourselves to better ourselves, to evolve consciousness and true intelligence, and then we can help others do the same.

Those who do not want to stop their participation in evil, we can also abdicate ourselves from their lives as a form of pressure on them to let them know we will not support them in their direct creation of evil in this world. This is to “cut off the causers” as Mark Passio has stated it in a show. Natural Law Causal Agents have much power to Stand in Truth, if we choose to. It is a hard, narrow, arduous path of trials and tribulations. The comfort of conformity and acceptance is more desirable than engaging in the Great Work. How much do you Care for Truth?

Natural Law Causal Agents

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