Honest Living, How do some people “make” money?

Do you think it is honest and good to setup a site that pretends to offer wallpapers, music, videos or something else you search for on google, but you can’t ever get them, and the page is full of ads. The only purpose is to make money by pretending to offer a service. These people do nothing at all, but just make money from nothing through ads per visit to their page and those foolish enough to click on any ads.

What is it when you make money from money? Usury.

What is it when you make money from doing nothing, putting out nothing, creating nothing, no service, no good, just false advertising? That is also a form of usury.

What is it when you create digital currency from nothing and get people to “mine” it on their computers, without actually doing anything, no creation, no production, no good, no service, putting nothing out, and creating imaginary digital currency that other people buy into and accept as having value? That is also usury.

Someone created a magical spell of the mind for others to be mesmerized and fooled into believing. It was fairly easy, a prime motivator for many humans is to get something for nothing. So they don’t look deeper into the psycho-spiritual component, that of usury, and jump into the “mine” money from nothing scam. More people buy into this spell, accepting it on belief and faith that it has value, just as paper currency works. But in paper currency, you actually are supposed to have the backing of the labor of the people to determine its value. They are both based on faith and belief in its value, but one is actually supposed to represent something. The other, the digital currency, does not represent anything real, in actuality or supposition. It’s creation is a greater deception than paper currency.

People give their time to someone to produce something, a good, or provide something, a service. In return, they are paid for their service and time. Those who do not engage in this reciprocity, but get money for doing nothing, are usurers.

There is a difference between earning the money by working for it from producing something people want to have, and essentially stealing it by not earning it. Most people do the former, do the work that gets people what they want, desire, etc. Then there are “owners”, who might have actually produced a good or provided a service with their own time and energy in the past, but they don’t anymore. “Owners” don’t actually deal with making or providing the service to the people directly. They manage others to do it for them while they collect the profits and pay the workers an unrepresentative, unfair amount relative to the earnings for the product or service provided by them. “Owners” get other people to do the hard work for them. We all “need” money to survive as things currently are… and so the system goes.


Honest Living, How do some people “make” money?

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