Buying into Products

Everything that we have created exists because people buy into it. Someone sells a product or service, and people buy into it. The deeper dimension to this are the “products” of the mind that some have created and sold to others, who have bought into these products of the mind. When we buy into something that ‘is not’ (i.e. is not based in reality or a true authentic way of living) we buy into an illusion, a falsity. This is akin to a magical spell executed by a sorcerer with the purpose to manipulate and control.

An illusion is something that is not real. You think you see something that is there, but what is there is not what you think you see. It’s an illusion. That is why we can liken the perceptual reality of society that most people have as being an illusion since they do not see things as they really are, they only see them as they are presented.

We are also products of the outcome-based indoctrination system to be nice cogs in the machine.

This is why the finger is pointed at all of us. We are all partly responsible for allowing various aspects of this collective co-created reality to continue perpetuating suffering, immorality and evil of many kinds.

Buying into Products

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