Why Does Nothing Change?

Everyone, for the most part, is focused on their lives, their enjoyment, and their pleasure gratification. Once you let go of the infatuation and attachment to pleasure, you let room in for more important things to take up the “spiritual” currencies we have in life: time and attention. The “spiritual” journey and quest towards greater aspects of Truth, is to focus our time and attention on quality knowledge to raise ourselves above our current condition of false living.



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People care if things go wrong in their lives, if things are unfair in their lives, if they get hurt in their lives, but they don’t seem to care about all the other harm, wrongs and suffering others go through, or the actions they engage in that support harming others. They seem to expect, and be entitled to, support from others to help them in their suffering and wrongs committed against them, but they don’t have the same expectation upon themselves to stand for others in what is right, good and true.

Nothing changes because we only care about our own little lives, our Insulated Bubbles of Reality, going around the Hamster Wheel of Life.

Even “Truthers” get information, understand some of it, but then they don’t get involved and active enough in sharing, speaking, preaching it for others to learn. Why?

Sometimes we don’t get enough quality information, and we do not uncover the more crucial, essential, substantial aspects of occulted reality. There are many distractions in alternative information sources as well. The quality knowledge that allows us to find ourselves, and motivate us towards the True Right-Action for change, is hard to find. Many false motivations exist to manipulate us into false paths and preselected avenues for directed action that keep us away from actualizing True Freedom and Peace. This happened to me for a while.

Maybe some still have too many distractions, entertainment, fun, enjoyment and pleasure gratifications in their life that they are attached to. This prevents them from actualizing greater attainment of Truth, Morality, etc.

So some people learn, they get motivated and empowered by some aspects of Truth, but not enough, and then the motivation fizzles and they go back to regular life, or enjoying their life, and they just ride the wave, go along to get along, and just go back to focusing on enjoying life.

When you let go of the attachment and focus on pleasure, on the usual enjoyments and distractions of life, you will see how you have much more time and attention to put into that which matters most: Truth and Morality, along with their discovery and perpetuation into existence through our power as Causal Agents.

This is about how to live, the Way and Path to live in Truth and Morality.

The appearances, idolatry and adulation of the many distractions and experiences of pleasure and enjoyment are not central in life. They are not even secondary or third. Pleasure and enjoyment are a part of life. They happen. It is part of living. They are not the focus. Focus on Truth, and you will get the joy of Caring for Truth as it blossoms and develops in your life.

We can go back to simply “enjoying” life once we fix the garbage and poison we have accepted into ourselves and created the world from. Until then, all the focus on me, my life, my “bliss”, my “passion”, those around me, enjoying it all, having fun, etc., is not going to fix a single thing. All this does it keep people perpetuating the repetitive loops of the system’s design. We are stuck in a Bubble of Reality, living in our zone of comfort and convenience, and letting it continue this way, while the reality of our downward direction and self-destruction is not of much concern, nor is the suffering of others within our system, or outside of it, that don’t have the same privilege of our particular zone of comfort. That is their problem, not ours, right? Forget about the theft and exploitation our privilege is built upon; just keep living in our insulated bubble of reality.

That is what happens when we focus on our enjoyment in life, our “passion”, our “bliss”, “live in the now”, be in the present moment only, all in efforts to maximize how good we can feel. It’s largely about sensations and pleasure gratification, to enjoy life. We end up not focusing on Ending Immoral Evil in the world by seeking, discovering, embracing and embodying Truth and Morality.

We end up not caring about any of that, we don’t need that, because our life is fine and dandy in our little zone of privilege and comfort. As long as we can gain comfort at the expense of others due to our way of living and the system we are living in, then we don’t really care, do we? If we did really care, we would understand that our focus on pleasure is not doing anything to change anything for others or ourself. We will just stay in our “privileged” slave position at the expense of those in lower positions that provide for us. It’s all about not being served anymore, but having others serve us instead, perpetuating the false way of life based on the dichotomy between the right-brain imbalanced “Slave”-think and the left-brain imbalanced “Master”-think: “Where once I served, now I have others serving me.” Care is not developed enough.

We have our house, our car, our job, “so what” if we live in slavery and others live in worse slavery? We get our comforts and pleasure, enjoying ourself, so it’s the best we can do, just enjoy it while it lasts, enjoy the ride, ride the wave, go along to get along… because we sure don’t want to lose our “privileges” and end up less comfortable and living less conveniently by taking personal responsibility and owning up to our collective task to End Evil and Immorality. That actually requires work, effort, time, energy, attention, dedication, determination and persistence to Empower ourselves to Change. That is the “narrow gate”, hard, arduous, work and tribulations. Enjoying life is just more of the same life we have already been living; it requires no serious change, just more of the same distractions and accumulation of experiences in order for us to be “satisfied” and “happy” with our life. That is the “wide gate” of ease.

It doesn’t matter than we are heading into deeper levels of slavery, surely not, we don’t even care about the slavery that already exists in our system and in other people’s lives. It doesn’t matter that our children or grandchildren will be living in a prison police state. Go ahead and continue to focus on our satisfaction and gratification of our desires, wants, and wishes that we expect to have as part of “living a life worth living” in this modern age, and certainly feel entitled to get those things. Reducing our consumerism, living simpler, and minimalism has little significance in our life. Just keep doing the things we do that provide us with an escape from the reality of the negative collective co-created condition we continue to allow to exist.

The Pleasure Trap is the biggest form of escapism there is. New Age bullshit, meditation obsession, attachments, drugs, alcohol, sex, sports, entertainment, gossip, TV, etc. is all based on the positive experience of some desired feeling and sensation, or the numbing effect of hypnotic involvement in other events that promote us to not think about those aspects of reality we do not want to face, deal with and think about. Anything, anything at all, to keep us from facing reality or ourself honestly, to really look at the shadow, demons, darkness and negative in ourselves and in the world that results from us and others allowing it to be this way.

How did I get to do all the work I do now? It takes time and work. Am I focused on my enjoyment? Am I trying to make friends? Am I trying to sustain relationships that hold me back from evolving and becoming better? No, I am not. I gradually learned about my bullshit, and started dropping it, letting go of the attachment. Then you get to learn more, with more time and more “free space” available in your mind to accept greater quality knowledge and Truths. When you learn a good deal, enough correspondences come together to create a bigger picture and you understand enough to teach others about important aspects of reality they are currently unaware of.

I keep coming back to the Pleasure Trap because it is a huge aspect of control. People are still choosing their own enjoyment and the gratification and satisfaction of their senses and feelings according to their various wants, desires, and wishes. In the information seekers, many are busy looking at “exciting”, “novel”, “new”, and “original” information about things that are not as important as Principles of Truth and Morality they are ignorant of and not living by.

What is more important? Getting a proper understanding of the real substantive Truth and Morality of the way we live in order to stop doing things the same way and get to where we want to be in True Freedom and Peace? Or focus our learning on other hidden information, such as aliens, channeled info from possibly deceptive beings leading into conceptual traps and bullshit, hidden technology, ancient civilizations, meditation obsession, New Age fantasies of belief, and other crap that has zero focus on becoming a more moral being? Take the time to figure out what is actually the most important thing. Morality and living Right is more important than all the other possibilities that exist for us to learn about. It is the foundation for living. That other interesting information comes second, or even later. It is not crucially important to End Evil. It is not crucially important to bring people to live more morally, with education to help them understand why they need to live more morally.

It took me a while to find sources of info that provided me with the clarity of purpose in what is most important, mostly Mark Passio did that very well. Before that, I was learning about things here and there, and forgetting things, but at some point you just “get it” and what really needs to be done to End Evil and bring about True Freedom and Peace. It’s completely tied to morality. Morality, Natural Law, is the most important thing for people to do, not meditation obsession attachment bullshit. No one needs to do sensory “feel-good” “oneness” “awareness” meditation AT ALL to bring about True Freedom and Peace. They can break through left and right brain barriers in other ways, and will still get further in alignment with Morality than others who obsess over meditation. All the big meditation pushers I have met are imbalanced into the right-brain and cannot use logic properly to actualize themselves in greater alignment with Truth and Morality. They lack development of left-brain tools and are imbalanced towards the right-brain.

We need to identify a goal: ending evil, ending slavery, ending immorality, creating true freedom and peace. Then, we can look at what we do in our lives that help this, or prevents this from actualizing. Then you can open your eyes and look at your behavior to realize that the pleasure trap keeps you very far away from ever actualizing those goals. You have to choose what is more important, Truth or pleasure, and then work towards the goal. There is too much of seeking things we like and want, and giving other people what they like and want, instead of giving people what they need to evolve.

Pleasure is a part of life; it is not the most important, central meaning and purpose to life. It is just a part of it.

Ultimately, it comes down to my “one true divide”, Care for Truth. Care for Truth, to live Truth and Morality in your life, is what will bring down slavery and evil, and it will bring up the True Freedom and Peace. People do not care enough about Truth to get to the position where they work on attaining, embodying, and sharing Truth and Morality in their own lives. It just is not that important to them. They prefer to “live life” in the pursuit of happiness, enjoyment, and fulfilling their desires, wants and wishes, to satisfy and gratify their pleasures. When you shift your priorities and see what is really important, Truth and Morality, then you gain great joy from the Truth itself, and you understand the desire for the many other things are a superfluous distraction and a falsity that impedes the progress of True Freedom and Peace for all.

Learn to Embrace Truth and Care for Truth, and it will become clear to you what is required to End Evil, Slavery and Immorality in the world. Natural Moral Law needs to be understood and taught to people. That is the only way out. Keep focusing on the pleasure trap to your own, your families, and your descendants own self-destruction. Once you “get it”, it’s time to get moving and develop information for people to access that helps them understand. We are close to, or past, midnight on the doomsday clock. We need to get our act in gear, and get going with developing and understanding Natural Moral Law and spreading it out for others to understand.