Bearing Good and Evil

Words can have dual meanings when looking at them in relation to truth or falsity, good or evil, etc. By associating words in relation to truth and good in one perspective, and then associating the word with falsity and evil in another perspective, the several meanings and etymological root relations and derivations can be better more clearly understood.



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Com-passion, together + suffering, endure, hurt
Sym-pathy, together + suffering, endure (feeling, emotion)
Em-pathy, in + suffering, endure (feeling, emotion)

Why passion, suffer, endure, hurt? Isn’t passion good? Aren’t empathy and sympathy good as well? What is etymology capable of telling us?

Suffer – to carry up or under, bear, undergo, endure
Endure – firm, solid, steadfast – durare – *deru – true / deru
Hurt – to injure, wound, stumble (into), bump into; charge against, rush, crash into; knock (things) together, from Old French hurter “to ram, strike, collide,”

Hurt requires a force. Hurt is rooted in meaning with ram, strike, collide. To ram into something, to strike something, to collide into something, requires a force. One thing goes towards another. We have the expression “I am hurting for it”, as in you are deeply yearning it, seeking it, desire it, i.e. care for it, i.e. passion for it. We can see how even our modern language has retained some of the meaning behind passion and hurt. Hurt has been related to a driving force in our colloquial language.

It hurts the “heart”, so you endure it, your “heart” was made hard to endure the hurt, endure the force of impact, otherwise it would “break”. To harden yourself inside from an impacting force, to endure, relates to hurt. This meaning relates to the suffering we are impacted with from others, in the com-passion and sym/em-pathy. It can hurt, and we endure.

Our passion, what we “hurt” for, is what we care to do, a driving and motivating force to get movement initiated. That causes the movement from one thing towards another. Eventually, movement of one thing towards another leads to a collision, a striking of one to another, a ramming into it. That is if the destination is reached, if it is ever reachable. Maybe in some cases it is simply a destination for the journey and we will never arrive there fully ourselves because it is impossible to achieve in totality, such as Truth, but it doesn’t stop us from evolving our consciousness in search and attainment of some aspects of Truth.

I have spoken about bearing, what we carry, in relation to relate, refer, correspond, etc. If you carry something forever, you want it to be something good, not evil. We want to carry back, correspond, and correlate the evil to better know, understand and reduce it. We don’t mind carrying, suffering, enduring, the Truth and Good, if we Care for Truth. That is fine. We can have passion, hurt for, yearn for, and bear the burden of standing for Truth. This driving force of passion, what we hurt for inside to have, is the destination we cannot reach here for the totality of Truth is not found here. We can never have the totality of Truth. We can never be perfect. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching for the truth, from reaching for self-improvement, betterment, change, evolution, etc. The good kind of passion, hurt, suffering, endurance, is with Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law. Just like that is the right thing we want to carry, and we want to carry back and get rid of the evil, not hold onto it and suffer and endure it. The bad kind of passion is to hold onto falsity and evil, to carry and bear it, rather than send back the force of evil and remove ourselves from its grasp and weight. The evil we carry that we create ourselves and that we are coerced and allow to continue is a weight we must bear. Most people bear with it in ignorance and let it persist.

Endure is related to true, as they are both from the root *deru-/*dreu-.
There is also the word druid that has the same root and meaning:
Celtic compound *dru-wid-, probably representing Old Celtic *derwos “true”/PIE *dru- “tree” (especially oak;) + *wid- “to know”.

A druid is to know that which is “firm, solid, steadfast”, as a tree is, the solid foundation of reality and truth. Druid, endure and true relate. Endure is about truth and good, but is always taken in the negative about falsity and evil, while dual meanings exist. The opposition of truth and falsity plays out in our life as enduring the hurt and suffering all around that we may feel, in order not to break and fall apart in some form of psychosis or breakdown. We need to be strong and withstand the onslaught against our “minds” and “hearts” if we are to learn about the reality we live in and overcome these barriers of falsity. This is the crappy end of the stick we have the endure, all the evil we let continue. The thing we want to actually endure and carry, suffer, and bear, is Truth and Morality. That doesn’t actually weigh us down like evil and falsity does, it actually lifts us up like wings.

True relates to steady, steadfast, firm, solid, and wood. To endure, to harden in, to make hard, solid, steadfast, firm inside, to make true inside, en-dure, “in”-dure, “in”-ture, “in”-true. The truth, needs to be endured, suffered, carried and beared with, as our passion, what we “hurt” for, the ramming drive and force we have to move us forward or what we move towards and it fuels us as we get more of it, to make ourselves hard inside like truth is hard and solid, to endure the Truth, in all the beauty and horror of the current condition resulting from falsity we allowed to exist. You carry, bear, endure and suffer evil, and become hard enough to not crack while the evil and falsity is around you, to not falter under its pressure and weight. But it needs to be sent back, not held onto permanently. Truth is to be carried all the time, we have to bear it, all the Truth about reality in its horror, darkness, and evil as well as the beauty, light and good. Once we remove the evil and falsity, it will no longer be there to be beared with at all, even if we currently have already removed ourselves from creating it, we still bear it in our existence.

This is the courage to look in the mirror as well. We have to bear, carry, suffer, and endure the trials and tribulations of honestly facing reality. Keep the true, and send back the false, keep the good, send back the evil. Both need to be faced, hence we carry and bear the memory through time, either as conceptual knowledge or experiential knowledge, but we are not bearing it through creating it. We stand under, and hold up Truth in our lives in the long term, while the evil we are holding up in our lives must be stopped. The force of evil must be sent back, not carried further, sent back to evil to nullify the chord it has attached to us that we are feeding it through upholding it, through carrying and bearing it, through creating evil.

Surely, we don’t want to be patient forever, to bear forever, to carry forever, to suffer forever, to endure forever, the evil we encounter or create ourselves. The evil we create needs to be sent back, and the knowledge of evil needs to be endured and understood in order to help others let go of their burden and release, return and send back the evil they are carrying to no longer create it and feed it. The patience is in carrying the knowledge, not in carrying the continued creation of evil, to continue to carry it and feed the universal force of evil through our particular manifestations. If the individual evils are removed, the universal evil is terminated. Individual creation of evil is what feeds the universal existence of evil. Universals don’t exist anywhere, for anyone to see, without the individuals manifesting them, creating them, living them, being them, etc.

Passion, suffer, endure, hurt, hurt for, passion towards, yearn towards, suffer the passion of going towards something, endure that passion. The hurt is related to a movement and impact, a ram, strike, collision. Passion is a force for movement. Enduring what is true can become a force, a passion, for motivation as well, and so too can knowledge of evil existing. Suffering in “mind” and “heart” with the knowledge of good and evil, and having the hard, solid, firm, steadfast composure in “mind” and “heart” to bear, carry, suffer and endure through it. It can hurt, that ram, strike and collision force with reality can hurt.

As should have been clear, pathos and passion relate to suffering and enduring. Pathos also relates to calamity, which passion relates to through hurt, as hurt is relating a ramming, striking, collision, which is a form of calamity. So we can see passion and pathos are relating in many ways. Pathos is derived from the same meanings as passion, but it has additional meanings specifically related to feelings and emotions, mostly of pity or sorrow. Passion is Latin for the Greeks pathos, so they essentially are the same with minor variations.