Is it Right? (not moral or immoral, but just right)

Is it right? Is it sustainable? Can it work for everyone? Not Natural Law, but just right. We are all living in one big house, called planet Earth. We can’t all just do whatever we want without thinking of the consequences to the behavior being amplified globally. If you have a right to do it, then everyone does. If everyone can’t do it, then you don’t have a right to do it, unless you think you are a master over others and have special rights others don’t?

A simple test to understand the validity of a choice, behavior and way of living, is to imagine everyone doing it. Would it still be “right”?

In “rightness”, there is the basic Right Moral Way not causing harm, and there is also what is the right way outside of direct harm being done in violation of Natural Law.

What is a result when everyone performs the action in question? Was it ever “right” or was it just “right” for you?

If 1 person can do it because its “right”, then 7 billion people can do it. If 7 billion people can’t do it because its not “right”, then 1 person can’t do it. That is fairness.

Here are some correspondences to understand:

Right for 1 person -> Right for 7 billion people

Wrong for 1 person -> Wrong for 7 billion people

Wrong for 7 billion people – > Wrong for 1 person

Can anyone have as many children as they want? No one is being harmed right now, no violation of Natural Law rights. Taking 2 people and producing 5 children is a population growth factor of 2.5. If everyone did that, in one generation of births we would have 2.5 x 7 billion = 17.5 billion NEW people on the Spaceship Earth, our home, our house, in addition to those still alive. A minimum 1:1 ratio of new births and deaths, will keep the population at 7 billion over 30 years, but that is not what we do, so 17.5 billion is the minimum at 5 children per two people. Not everyone does this, thankfully, but we are continually increasing the global population nonetheless. Can anyone do whatever they want in this house? Can anyone have as many children as they want in the house? What about the other people? What happens when people “fuck like rabbits” and make babies? We don’t have natural predators to cull the herd. This may be a view into the mind of those who understand the future we face, i.e. globalists, elitists, etc. and why they are undertaking plans to reduce the population. We are too dumb to be responsible enough to forecast into the future, but they can see down the road at what is coming. I don’t agree with them and their actions, but I understand them, as I’m sure many people who have uncovered the agenda understand their motivations. They don’t want to help educate us in Truth, they want to manipulate and control us with falsity.

We have similar issues in society with our demand for goods. Taking our way of life (Western democracy), and transposing to the 7 billion people, we would need two earths. This demonstrates that the way we are living, is not sustainable. It is selfish me me me and screw the rest. A minimalist lifestyle is rewarding in many ways, and reduces the problems created by the unsustainable demand and unfairness of resource plunder at the expense of other people’s standard of living.

When you simplify life, reduce all the false “needs”, let go of attachments, desires, wants, etc., you also reduce your footprint of consumption. Letting go of things we don’t “need” is freeing ourselves from the attachment to keep them when they don’t really improve things for ourselves or the human lot in general.


Is it Right? (not moral or immoral, but just right)

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