“I have the right…”

“I have the right to fish!”
“I have the right to detain you for 48 hours without cause!”
“I have the right to follow the dictates of other humans who tell me I’m allowed to do this or that even when it’s wrong!”

No one has these rights. They were invented by delusional minds and written on paper to try to give them a veil of authority as the “right” and “good” things we can do in life.

Does it come from the earth itself, from the ground? No. Does it belong to another animal life? Yes. Therefore, you have no rights over it with the power of your hands.

The life of a fish isn’t yours, and the life of another human isn’t yours. None of these are rights. They are only delusional predatory dominator psychopathy masquerading as “rights” and “good”. Morality is objective, and not determined by the pen of a corrupted human consciousness.

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