Objective Detachment

People fail to see reality for what it is, because they are not looking at it objectively in a detached manner. People will try to find Truth through the lens of attachment to their own specific behavior. The only way to determine real Truth is to be detached from yourself, your actions, behaviors, self-image and worldview. That is objective appraisal of reality.

This is mostly problematic when looking to uncover Moral Truth, as people want to “feel-good” about themselves. They don’t want to admit how they are being evil, how wrong and full of shit they are. This is part of the Pleasure Trap, to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Seeking Truth is to welcome both pleasure and pain of reality. Most people are incapable of actually seeking Truth because they are too attached to themselves, their egos, self-images, and worldviews. Their subjective attachment blinds them to the objective reality in the world and to themselves, to true self-discovery and self-realization. The subjective attachment has them deny the Truth in favor of their preexisting behavioral program and pattern for living. This program is imposed upon us from childhood. We need to learn to reformat and install a new operating system for living, because the one we get installed with, by the default settings of our current society, is corrupted to the core.


  • Michael

    I’m just doing a Google on the nature of ‘objectivity’.

    Whatever one finds on the Internet – as here – is a ‘unique personal viewpoint on reality’.
    Within physical life, there can ‘be’ no ‘objectivity’! Because… everything we ‘experience’. is created by ourselves! Can we stand outside our own creation? Not unless, we access the deeper strata of being, which is ultimately what is called ‘God’, but which I prefer to call ‘Source’. Within our physical consciousness, which is created by us, objectivity is therefore an illusory state of mind.

    I would view ‘objectivity’ as our ‘physical existence’.. But, while the universe, appears to be objectively ‘separate’ from us. It is really ‘our’ creation/ (Even in terms of perception through the senses) So we can hardly ‘step outside’, or be completely untouched/uninvolved, by our ‘experiences’ – unless in the sense of accessing our fundamental source – which is ‘All’!

    With regard to childhood ‘programming’. It’s not a completely useless process. Children ‘use’ it for their growth and ability to function. The conception that we can reformat and wipe that clean, is easier to say, than do. Childhood is a phase of growth – into our ability to reassess our views and beliefs. So we can ‘reformat’ in that way?


    • Michael replied that objectivity is basically subjective. That’s a serious paradoxical schism in thinking, my friend. Consider that which we call objective as that which does not waver, bend, change, or be manipulated; such as the laws of nature which govern ALL of reality/ existence… namely, cause and effect. These governing dynamics EXIST whether or not anyone is even aware/ cognizant of them, much like gravity. That, my friend, is objective truth, everything else is a subjective mental construct/ framework not based in “what is”; truth.

      Morality, at its core, is the conjunction of conscience (to objectively know the difference between right and wrong), your freewill desicion to act in accord with your conscience, and the natural law that governs human behavior (cause and effect). Acting in accord with those three dynamics, in what the author of this site calls “detachment” IS what ultimately ushers into reality more freedom, expansion, and evolution of consciousness.

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