Obsession with Appearances and Cleaning

Many people have mind-viruses of the “need” for “cleanliness” to achieve the desired external appearance. Look at what their mind and focus is on, the “need” to clean things, because it’s not up to their “normalized”, “standardized” “acceptable” aesthetic level.

– the “need” to clean the fridge

– the “need” to clean the windows

– the “need” to clean the oven

– the “need” to clean (i.e. cut) the grass

What they want to do, what they focus on, what they put their time and energy into, is worrying about the cleanliness of external appearances. They don’t focus on doing the alchemical, inner, shadow work on themselves, of cleaning their polluted and diseased hearts and minds. No. They have their mind power focused on cleaning material things. That is what matters in their life. Pleasing their affinity for aesthetic achievement.

Some people are pleasing others who they think will appreciate them for doing this cleaning, the cleaning that they won’t even do themselves. Someone gets so worried about cleanliness, so obsessed with visual aesthetics, that the substandard, abnormal, unacceptable level of the current material object requires them to clean it because it upsets them to see it not clean to their standards.

This person seems to enjoy their self-imposed slavery. Forget about letting people pick up after themselves, clean up after themselves. No. Lets not have them learn personal responsibility. Lets just pick up after them like a cleaning lady, because we are so obsessed with cleanliness and visual appearances, or maybe its a germaphobe, fear, mind-virus issue as well. The point is, you don’t “help” people by being their maid. It only allows them to continue to not pick and and clean up after themselves, and let the other person do it for them.

Imagine this on a wider scale. It is a microcosm of the macrocosm. Lets not accept personal responsibility for the mess we make, for the garbage we put out. No. Lets expect others to clean up after us! That will work really well applied on a global scale, right? Well, I have news for you, that is what we already have. People create wrong-actions, foolish actions, and instead of facing the consequences of their actions, they ignore it and expect others to clean up their mess. This is our global psychosis in irresponsibility, in attempting to abdicate our personal responsibility for the consequences to our actions.

I don’t care for all these false “needs” for the external appearances of things to look “clean” and “pretty”. The world is living a mass psychosis of focus on the illusory appearances of things, rather than the actual substance that matters. The trap of aesthetics and beauty are their focus. Immoral wrong-action is of lesser concern.

Obsession with Appearances and Cleaning

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