Infatuation with Being “Positive” and Doing “Good”

People have an infatuation with being “positive” and doing “good”, rather than stopping the negative and evil. Trying to create good while you still create evil is confused, counterproductive, inconsistent lunacy and will not work. Evil must be faced and stopped before new Good can truly, fully, work. Focusing on good at the cost of ignoring evil allows evil to continue and creates two potential paths: 1) the path for Evil to wash away the Good that was built upon a faulty foundation 2) the path for Evil to consume the Good into its own preservation, projection and protection, i.e. a mask of Good to accept Evil.

This is the big deception of philanthropy and charities. The appearance of “right”, while continuing the hidden wrongs all around. Do we really think doing evil with the left hand and washing it with the right hand will work? It only masks evil so we have trouble readily seeing it for what it is, creating artificial images of “goodness”.

Infatuation with Being “Positive” and Doing “Good”


  • Thank you for your work! Been listening to Mark Passio for awhile and your infographics really helped to sync the information! Especially the Natural Law and New Age BS ones. Still exploring your site and still studying. Cheers.

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