In Hebrew letters it is: A-B-R-K-D-A-B-R

bara = to create (H1254)
ke = as, like, according to (H3541)
dabar = speak, arrange (H1696)

other words I found that are in the whole word…
ab – father (H1)
ra – evil, adversity (H7451)
kedab – false, lying (H3538)

It means: “I will create as has been spoken.”



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In Aramaic, abra = “create”, and cadabra = “as my word/as i say” (which is very similar to the Hebrew), so it means “create as I say”.

“I will create just like I said!”

And then the magician pulls the rabbit out of the hat, just like he said he would.

This saying is about following through, living up to your words, to create in action as you say you do in your words. Actions speak louder than words. You shall know them by their actions. This is about unity consciousness of your thought, emotions and actions, that what you say is what you do. This is not about creating a tangible object into existence from nonexistence because you spoke some words.

“Create as I say.”

You can do that for yourself, or follow the mind control of others and create the world they want, as they say it is and should be.

Choice is an act of creation. Free Will is creative. When we choose one thing over another, we choose to give it power as we manifest it into being. We exercise power through the symbols of words, or through an action in the physical world that reflects the choice, care, will and word-symbol-images in our mind. To act in the world, or say something, sends out a form of energy that reverberates into the lives of others. It manifests in potentially unseen causal relationships, the seeds may be planted that produce an effect later on. The energy we put out can affect us and others in subtle as-of-yet unrecognizable ways. The Law of Cause and Effect is everywhere, seen and unseen.

Choice and participation, what we choose to participate in is what we give power and energy to for growth to occur. This is how evil functions. We are the ones who create and participate in evil immoral wrong-actions.

You can create with the power of your own consciousness, output words to influence others, in either a good capacity or evil capacity, in alignment with Truth and Morality, or your own false self corrupted egoic desires, wants and wishes. We can keep the ways of thinking that others have imposed into us through social engineering frameworks, to create as they say to create. They are speaking the false constructed secondary subjective reality all the time through the media. Their voice action, the conditioning of our parents and peers, speaks influence to us and has us engage in their false program of living, their spells, their abracadabra. We need to be our own abracadabra to discern Truth, Morality and reality accurately and live accordingly.

Falsity and Evil