Synopsis of 25 New Age Deceptions

This is a Chart/Table I made with 25 New Age Deceptions. It summarizes Mark Passio’s 10 New Age BS points in my own words, as well as adding an additional 15 New Age Deceptions I have learned from being around New Agers and New Age material. The PDF is in HQ. If anyone wants a HQ PNG image that is about 2.4MB, contact me, leave a comment, and I will provide you with it.

Color Image

BW Image

Here are PDF’s that are in High Quality and more readable than the two images. One in color, the other in black & white.

Synopsis of New Age Deceptions (25)

Synopsis of New Age Deceptions BW (25)

Here is an Excel file I created.

Synopsis of New Age Deceptions (25)





  • LOL! I find this chart after I tediously spent a day blogging about it but I LOVE it. Even people who claim they don’t practice New Age Beliefs or believe it are adopting the same self deceptive practices and expressing the same behaviors. It’s in government and centers of learning now,, that is how quietly, covertly infectious its become. But charts like your serve to put light on what’s lurking in the dark. When I first began to realize how socially erosive, divisive and insidious this was I too felt compelled to make a chart of comparison and that my aha moment looking at. I didn’t save the chart though but I truly appreciate the time you spent on this one and I hope you don’t mind if I share it on my blog.

  • Brandyn

    Great stuff!! If love to get a copy if that high quality image if the new age deceptions my friend. Here’s my email:

  • Woman

    Two logical fallacies are at play here.
    1. Strawman: You are misrepresenting a great deal of ideological New Age claims.
    2. Anecdotal: You’re opinion is based on personal experience with people who subscribed to the label “New Age”.

    Furthermore, believing individual beings to be divine is an ancient belief. You are God. I am as well. If you want to be scientific about it, I am the universe. I am made of stardust. And you are too.

    Two sides of the same coin.

    This article is interesting, because I find several philosophical quandaries within your reasoning. Too many to write about honestly.

  • Steve

    Upon first glance, i thought this might be something really interesting, educational and valuable. I mean, If there were a real list of actual things that were meant to deceive us and the “truth corrections” i have little doubt that the awakening would happen so fast that we’d barely make it to xmas before a real revolution got started. However, after reading “god” in the first correction and then “bullshit” in the 2nd i see i was saddly mistaken about this page. Just a bunch or pretty words mixed with a sprinkle of profanity for effect. *yawn*

    • Joshua Faust

      As long as we’re all sitting in our computer chairs yawning and criticizing arduous efforts by another human being to shed some light on these topics I don’t think much awakening is happening. This is what I don’t understand, do you really believe that an awakening is just going to happen TO us? Maybe we can make it happen FOR us, or a some of us…Just saying, don’t hold your breath under water when we could be breaking to the surface for air.

      • Steve

        I’m not aiming to criticize the effort, although educated philosophers are pretty good at philosophy, so i understand. I admire the effort in fact but let’s get back to the awakening. It may not be very apparent to you that there is one going on but it quite apparent to me. For starters, not many turned out to “vote” in that last little fiasco so there is one pretty good clue that the awakening is indeed in effect. Another great example is seen when one reads present day comments on such youtube vids as “feminism in a nutshell” or “Jesse Ventura SLAMS FOX News with TRUTH about 9/11”. 6 months prior the truthers made up only about 15% of the population and the insulting, ad hominem loaded comments verified that fact but now we make up roughly 50% and where are the ad hominems and insults now? Hard to find these days. I guess the theorists were not wearing tin foil hats after all. But the sheeple still wear blinders. Do i believe that more sheeple are going to wake up tomorrow? Indeed i do. As truthers build to be the majority the bubbles will slowly burst. Do i believe you to be a bubble dweller? That would not be fair for me to say from just one comment…..but i have my suspicions. Peace

  • Steve

    I see most positive comments are by women only. It really is the kind of stuff that will be loved by women everywhere. You can have it.

  • Apo Calypse

    #18 is misleading. Unlearning of the calcified self-limiting persona is a necessary beginning of the 7-step Alchemical transformation process. Ego must be allowed to ‘die’ before it can be separated and studied in a detached way (1-3). In step 4 one realizes, as you have said, that the ego is necessary. In step 4 you recreate a better version of your self-image, the lead self died and now the silver self, the lesser stone can be created (reborn of spirit(silver=feminine=spirit)). There is a place and time for destruction and dissection of our original ‘lead’ egos before we can rebuild a better ‘silver’ (lesser-stone) one. Of course, these concepts are widely misused and profaned, but to say that destruction of the ego is ‘bullshit’ may prevent some from ever starting their journey and that would be unfortunate.

    • It’s the negative-ego aspect that needs to be “put to death” and sublimated. Ego itself is not a negative, only the modalities of consciousness that currently express those negatives is negative to be “killed”, to be transmuted. “Killing the ego” is still a naive and ignorant quest from confusion of terms. Ego is self, us, for better or worse. Ego = I. People are easily confusing the issue with pseudo-spiritual conceptions, hence the New Age Deceptions about it. Words symbols, learn their meaning from etymology. Peace.

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