Psychopathy – Might is Right

All subjugation of animal life is done on the basis of physical superiority, the fact that your strength can manipulate others against their well being. This moral relativism is the survival of the fittest ideology, the weak are meat for the strong to eat. Social Darwinism is only a new label for a preexisting psychological mindset with additional false validation to attempt to support its legitimacy. The control over human animals can be more effective in an elaborate artificial conception of reality. Nonetheless, their is always physical control to maintain discipline within the social conditions, the maintain the false unity and the illusion of authentic solidarity.

If one does not have physical strength over another, then one is not able to subjugate, control and dominate another being, to coerce them to go to certain places, do certain work, behave within certain limits. Groups imbalance the individual power and strength, to hopefully overcome evil, but also evil can overcome good in the same manner through strength of numbers.

If you are not able to overpower another, you cannot control them. The false “reasoning” is: I am stronger than you, might makes right.

Why is it right to enslave or murder human animals?
Why is it right to enslave or murder nonhuman animals?

The justification for this superiority to harm innocents comes from the view of superior strength in subjugation, control and domination of other life, even if you are not in predation over its body to eat it. In this belief, your choice, now dictates morality. If you choose to care for some lesser beings, that is your “right” as a higher being. And if you choose to care less for specific lesser beings,or all of them, then that is also your “right” as a higher being. Their is no objective morality over your behavior. It is all arbitrarily chosen by you, who has not become the arbiter of Truth and Morality, self-appointed “god” to dictate right and wrong and the whims of your desires, wishes and wants at any time. You have supplanted the objective Truth and Morality of right and wrong behavior.

from Greek psykhe- “mind” + pathos “suffering”

The Daily Telegraph had, the other day, a long article commenting on a Russian woman who had murdered a little girl. A Dr. Balinsky prevailed upon the jury to give a verdict of acquittal, because she was a “psychopath.” The Daily Telegraph regards this term as a new coinage, but it has been long known amongst Spiritualists, yet in another sense. [“The Medium and Daybreak,” Jan. 16, 1885]

1. a character or personality disorder distinguished by chronic amoral or antisocial behavior without feelings of remorse.
a disorder of the mind. — psychopathic, adj.

From the earlier article on Bearing Good and Evil, suffer is to carry up or bear, endure, and can be positive or negative in purpose. Psychopathy, is originally a suffering in the mind, which is surely a result of inconsistency, contradiction, confusion, etc. somewhere in life. In the worst sense, it can lead to amoral behavior with no remorse. This is what I have referred to as the Predatory Dominator Mind-Virus. Amoral, as I will explain in a later article on Natural Laws and Morality, is when you don’t consider right or wrong in the action or behavior itself. It has positive and negatives as well, where an action like using a branch to knock an apple down a tree is amoral, it is not moral or immoral, whereas the murder of another innocent being for their flesh or other reasons is not simply amoral, that behavior falls into morality. An apple is not an animal. Nonhuman animal or human animal, animals are not plants.

There is no right in enslaving or murdering other animals for any of their property, human or not. If it’s not an immobile part of earth, or not made by you from immobile things on earth, then it surely comes from someone else who made it, or it is a someone else itself, i.e. another animal creature that moves on this earth with its own purpose and meaning.

To be against cutting a throat, stabbing a heart, choking the life out of certain beings with one hand, while allowing it with the other hand on certain other beings, is not consistent living with the values you say you live by. It is living in a contradictory state of action in reality, even if you think everything is fine and dandy. That is simply your “mind over matter” tricking you, thinking you are the “god” and arbiter of Truth and Morality. You don’t need to learn the rules objectively, you can just make them conform to whatever your behavior currently is. This form of living, to recognize wrong in one way, but allow it in another, to dictate right and wrong in contradiction to each other, is a primary component that promotes the constant collective psychosis and insanity we have.

True Freedom, Peace, Order, Good, etc. can only come about when we heal and evolve beyond this Predatory Dominator Mind-Virus of psychopathy, to truly live by the values we profess to hold deep in our being, to live more in alignment with the True Self. Evolve care, compassion, empathy, conscience and morality.

*Did not proof-read. On the fly output.