Freedom Deteriorated with the Talismanic Power of Money

Introducing money and the concept of substituting something of practical use for a symbolic talisman that represents a certain value has led to the enslavement of humanity through this dependence on survival.

No one can own land. Someone else with power took it all and claimed it for themselves arbitrarily. To get land, you need to buy it, but you still can’t be free from money at that point, because they enslave you into paying taxes or else they steal your land or put you in a cage.

Money is tied to survival in our construct of living. Having no money leads to diminishing survival prospects in most cases.

Money is malleable, manipulatable, and mutative depending on the ability of those who control the talisman used. A talisman can be created that does not represent actual goods in existence, as is the supposed purpose for money to serve.

We now have paper talismans and digital representations that are inflated beyond real-world value. This creates an imbalance between those who honestly work for a talismanic representation of their time and energy and those who simply manipulate the talismanic power to generate more talismanic power. Schemes and deceptive practices emerge to inflate this talismanic reproductive ability. People that can manipulate talismans don’t have to do any real work to survive. It is all a magical spell for them. It only has “value” based on our belief and faith in its value.

The spell of money and the inherent enslavement that develops is a core foundation to our current negative condition we collectively choose to live in.

Tell me if this sounds good: a currency that people can create through time ( digital “mining”) by doing nothing and producing nothing. That is bitcoin, worse than the fiat inflationary paper currency.

Freedom Deteriorated with the Talismanic Power of Money

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