True Happiness

People say they want to be happy. People think happiness is the goal in life and that is what they work towards. First of all, happiness and pleasure are not the purpose in life. They happen as a result of the purpose in life. The purpose in life is to live morally. Do you want to live in happiness and joy? The only way that will happen is when we live in morality, as fully as we can, all of us. Until then, we will not have true happiness, but only false proxy substitutes that are provided by society and moralities of false living in order keep our sights focused on ourselves and dour happiness and our pleasure.

Happiness will be our reward for the duty and responsibility to live under Natural Moral Law. People will never achieve this state of true happiness, because they are focused on the false proxy happiness, or the immediate aspects of happiness they can get in their little life, instead of putting aside this desire to “be happy”, and endure the hardship and tribulations of the narrow path towards Truth and Morality that will actually create True Freedom and Peace and provide us with the happiness and free time to do what we want.

Some people think the “god” wants to experience, that is why existence exists. Some people think “god” put us here for experience, and to experience joy, happiness and good. Well, if that is the case, then how do you think you create that potential existence to experience? By chasing the distractions and entertainment of society, and focusing on your own personal happiness in life, your family, loved ones, etc, while not caring about Truth and Morality deeply, while not uncovering your falsity, while not admitting wrong? Or do you think maybe the real path and way to happiness, goodness and true freedom and peace, for all, is through Truth and Morality? Maybe I’m just crazy!

The real purpose is to End Evil and live Morally. If you really want happiness, that is the only way for you to go as well. All other paths will lead to self-destruction through allowance of evil and immorality. The one path we all have in common is Truth and Morality, to End Evil, but not many people walk that path. Seek to live aligned with the one force of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, etc. True Happiness comes with Morality.

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