Evolving the expansive force of consciousness: Truth is Love, Love is Truth. Truth unites. Lies divide.

What does the above mean? Let’s look at the etymology of some of the words.



From as early as the 1640’s, it means: “to roll out”, “to unroll”, “to make clear, disclose; to produce, develop,”

From ex- ‘out’ + volvere ‘to roll’

The late meaning “to develop by natural processes to a higher state” is from 1832, and therefore not the original nature of the word, but the changed meaning adopted after Darwinian evolutionary theory.

Evolve is synonymous with develop, grow, progress, advance, expand, elaborate, enlarge.



early 15c., “spread out, spread flat,” from Anglo-French espaundre, Middle French espandre and directly from Latin expandere “to spread out, unfold, expand,” from ex- “out” (see ex-) + pandere “to spread, stretch” (see pace (n.)). Sense of “grow larger” first recorded 1640s.

When you spread something out, it usually takes up more space and so grows larger than it was. It has similar meanings to evolution but not the same understanding at its root. It is to spread out, similar to roll out, but not the same. Rolling out is like unfolding a piece of paper. Spreading out is like dough. You don’t spread out an enfolded piece of paper, not do you unfold dough. Progress, growth, change and development does not need to occur in a physical quantum sense.



From Latin conscius, ‘knowing, aware’; from con ‘together’ + scire ‘to know’, the same root as conscience. Sense of “active and awake” is from 1837.

As we become more aware of our reality, what is in existence, the truth, we increase and expand our consciousness.



Truth is that which ‘is’, our reality as it exists. Love is what we view as good, uplifting, and brings us to greater harmony. Fear is the absence of love. There are truths of our current degraded condition that are only manifest due to attachment to the illusion of fear – the absence of love. Aligning ourselves with truth does not mean to continue to align ourselves with our current conditions and maintain them, but to manifest our expressions of consciousness in alignment and harmony with truth and love itself. Love is the expansive force of consciousness brought about through greater attainment of truth. Care and love for truth brings an expansion in consciousness as we seek and find more truth.  This force that expands consciousness is love and truth.  Truth is right and good. Love is right and good. Truth is Love. Love is Truth.

Coming into deeper alignment and harmony with more truths brings about a greater embodiment of love. Embodying more truth and principles of what is right, good and true achieves deeper embodiment and becoming with love/truth. Truth brings the deepest embodiment of love.  Love in its most profound form as the expansive force of consciousness brings a true care for seeking and finding truth to continue expanding consciousness and love/truth.


Consciousness is awareness of our reality. It is not simply being awake from being asleep as most people view it, as one can be awake but still asleep and ignorant of the spiritual journey and path towards truth. The more we observe, experience and come to know aspects of what ‘is’, the truth, the more our awareness of that which exists increases, and as a result our consciousness will expand. This allows us to recognize, correlate, compare and correspond patterns and meaning in more and more of these things that exists as we become more aware of them. Increasing awareness increases consciousness, and the correspondences and pattern linking we discover paints a larger picture to understand the world we live in and ourselves more deeply. This expansive force that brings us to greater heights of comprehension and consciousness is the force of love in its true essence. Reality, what ‘is’, truth, is what brings about greater awareness and consciousness and allows us to care more about what is going in the world and ourselves, to eventually come to a place of right-action based in true intelligence of understanding our situation correctly. This expansive force of consciousness is love. Truth is love. Love is truth. The more we see with our real eyes, the more we realize the truth, and the more we expand our love and consciousness.

I am here to speak the truth as others have spoken truth that I have recognized and understood so that others may in turn do the same. Mark Passio from What on Earth is Happening has had many years of time, effort and energy spent sifting through information of various kinds and cared enough to share the bits and pieces of the big picture he put together with the rest of us. For myself, I had a smaller journey, having put things together at various phases of learning and coming across information, but after time the vividness and immediate correlating with these earlier understandings becomes less involved, connected and vivid.  Mark Passio has collected and collated core principles that many of us have likely come across in our own journey, but ties them in succession for us to be able to connect patterns and make correspondences with information we already had but was separate, and to add new information to the whole picture to make it even stronger and more vivid. This information is a refinement of the information presented by Mark Passio to make it more condensed with less repetition and more easily accessible through text-format. I have also added my own understanding that supplements the information Mark Passio has given. I recommend the worthwhile over 280 hours of audio in his podcast section that has been a great source of realization for me. Otherwise, an alternative is the core concepts presented here.

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