Knowledge, Memories, and Evil

Inspired by the movie The Giver: “I wanted to share it with her. Not all of it. The good things. Was I wrong to want that?”



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If someone only has memories of good, or memories of falsity as a false “good” (i.e. mind control, conditioning of wrong as right), that is also to say they will only have knowledge of good or the alleged “good”. Then a human being, as a receiver of memories or experience, only knowing and experiencing that perceived conditioned “good”, cannot know the extent of evil and the degree to which it must not be manifested into being. Secondary experience, fabricated stories that allegorically tell of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, honestly, will teach and provide knowledge of evil without the direct experience of needing to create it or receiving it in the physical world, in order to know it exists and why not to manifest it. Understanding of secondary mental experience does not require primary physical experience to actually occur every time. We are not required to actually experience every form of evil to understand them.

If you only give someone good memories and knowledge, and they are ignorant of evil, then they are less capable of dealing with the severity of evil if they encounter it in their lives. Understanding of the Path and Way allows you to not create evil, and it prepares you to deal with evil, but it lacks the experiential knowledge of evil and its various infection of forms. Knowledge of Good alone is not enough. In order to prevent evil from manifesting, knowledge of evil should be known. Also, the apophatic negative knowledge of the wrong ways can help us learn what are the many possible right ways to live, to see the light of the Path and Way to walk and live our lives by removing the darkness of falsity that is in our being. Otherwise, you can end up living in falsity and not know it, because you have been conditioned to believe you are living in Truth, Right, Good, etc.

This is why there is the “spiritual” axiom that “good requires evil”, but it gets perverted by polluted human minds who are unable to comprehend the veiled encoded kernel of Truth it contains. I dislike these trickster “truth” statements because they deceive those who are not evolved in consciousness enough, who do not yet have eyes to see clearly. I have explained how this relates to Truth and Good being that which is, while the opposite is a lack of that which is. Also, I have explained that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil relates to the nescience of evil and the responsibility to be able to manifest evil into existence. In this context of what I am talking about, “good requires evil” only for us to know that which is good by knowing that which is evil. Evil is not required to actually exist, only its knowledge is required. With that knowledge though, is a double edged sword of potentiality to create evil as well. The other option is the creation of nescience through the removal of evil and there would be no one to learn evil and copy it. Being blinded to evil and subject to its manipulation and subtle influence to corrupt our True Self would be safeguarded through the adherence to the Path and Way of Truth and Morality. Knowledge of the Way and Path, when walked, is a method of not creating evil. But the most prudent would be knowledge of both Good and Evil to ensure preparedness in the face of evil manifesting from outside ourselves, our communities, etc. Knowledge of good and evil is a responsibility that we must take up if we are to ensure the continual removal of evil from our existence.

If you deny someone knowledge of evil in a world of evil, you inhibit and handicap their ability to respond to reality in a prepared, effective manner. The shock of hard degrees of evil to a consciousness of innocence is enough to petrify and immobilize many people from responding in optimal ways. Trauma victims are created this way as well. The more severe the evil inflicted, and the longer the duration, the more effective the deformation of the being becomes, i.e. the more effective the trauma conditioning is in deforming the original human being and conditioning it into something it was not meant to be, a false self and false being. From the human nature of our core being (True Self), conditioned into the human condition of a false self.

The point is, you don’t need to do evil, you don’t need to create evil, evil doesn’t need to exist. All we need are records of memory and knowledge to demonstrate the effect evil has on living. If we can be empathic, compassionate, care, and truly feel the effect of evil in the stories, then it will have a greater affect on us as well in learning from it.

If you know what evil is, knowledge of evil, then you will also know if it is occurring around you. If you don’t know what evil is, then it may be a part of your life, or a part of life around you, and you will not even see it, it will simply be the norm. Knowledge of Good and Evil, but specifically knowledge of Evil, the apophatic negative knowledge of the wrong way, allows us the option of choosing every other possibility there is other than the wrong, which are far more than the wrong actions that we should learn in order to not do and know the right way.

The perfect mind-virus, for people to accept for their own enslavement to continue in the mental and physical realm, is that of evil being necessary or required for good to exist. It promotes tolerance of wrong doings in many guises that are particularly familiar to New Age thought and other mistaken pseudo-spiritual conceptual frameworks. Some people don’t seem to like thinking things through, they just see “spiritual ‘truth'” and then jump all over it, drooling over bullshit. This is the perfect mindset for evil to continue unabated. With everyone viewing evil as the accepted norm, no one questions its permissibility of even existing as a viable action in life. This is also the degree to which we are currently conditioned into false living. We are conditioned to accept wrongs as right, under man’s law and system of living. Our bearings and compasses are sent out-of-whack by the social engineering into falsity. We then follow the systemic false programming guide in life, rather than the true Natural Moral Law guidelines.

Evil needs to be known and understood in order to combat it. Dulling the emotions from feeling right form wrong and conditioning the mind to accept certain behavioral programs for living will ensure the acceptance to the overall schema is maintained. Lack of True Care has us submitting to the hands that guide us along preselected false pathways in life. The attachments to distractions in modern life require people to enslave themselves to procure the economic survivability to sustain their standard of living. Actual needs are surpassed and superseded by wants and desires of various images in the mind we keep ourselves enslaved to. These images are mostly imposed and fed to use by the master priests of mind control that manipulate us with the science of imagery, casting spells on our minds, influencing our perception of reality into false ways of living.

It is the same as the concept of those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. If you lack knowledge of certain behavioral patterns that created wrong results, then it is wise to learn from that past historical experience rather than make the same mistakes over and over in human history. Failure to learn evil, just as failure to learn from the mistakes of the past, will lead to a repetition of that which we choose to ignore, the evil or mistakes being made, and allowed to be made, over and over. If you learned the mistake, you don’t need to know everything about the past, which you can’t anyways. If you know the Path and Way, then you know how to not create evil, and you don’t need to learn everything about the past either. If you know what not to do, then you won’t be making mistakes others did because to do so is a violation of the Truth you learned. The only way to make mistakes others do is by not following the Path and Way of Truth. The Knowledge of the Truth and Morality leads one to know the Evil as well, just as the apophatic path leads to Truth.

Learning of good to learn of evil, or vice versa, to learn evil to learn of good, are both valid ways to learn of good and evil. When you learn of good, the opposite is evil and impermissible. When you learn of evil, the opposite is good and permissible. However, we seem to not learn enough about either, nor do we develop the understanding of the contradictory modality, i.e. when we learn of one we aren’t automatically correlating the opposite into our understanding of life. Our dualistic conceptual framework is broken and cannot discern, navigate or understand reality correctly. We are all suffering as a result, as it leads people to create in evil, ignorantly, rather than good, knowledgeably.

The movie The Giver demonstrates how the ignorance of evil will produce evil. In a false innocence of conditioned falsity and acceptance of false as truth, of evil as normal and hence “good”, the people were not able to discern evil from good truly, right from wrong truly, and therefore allowed evil to pervade their lives because it adopted the guise of “Goodness” through the limitation of knowledge and understanding of life and reality, of Morality and Truth. The mind control was so pervasive that they had created a web of justifications for living in a scientific dictatorship, all for efficiency, the utilitarian “greater good” deception.