Magic, Maat and Morality – The Power of Consciousness (Pt.3)

The previous posts [1, 2, 3], dealt with the main demonstration of the power of consciousness, symbolism and word magic to influence and affect consciousness through good will, or evil will-power for the purposes of manipulating and mind controlling others, which, in either case, ultimately leads to behaviors and actions in the world.

This post will elaborate on the concept and “god” Heka the magician, and introduce the related concept and “goddess” Maat/maat, representing Truth and Morality, which is behind the saying “maa kheru”, to be true of voice.

Heka – The Magical Creative Potential of Words, Speech and Symbols

Heka is the potential power to create through influential actions of the mouth, words, speech and rhetoric. Maat is morality, truth, justice, authenticity and order. Each stand on their own as concepts, while later having their qualities personified and deified as a neter, a “god” or “goddess”.

In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Kemet, Heka was not the creator “god” itself, but was symbolized as a creative force used by the creator, as creative/active meaningful or magical speech, the voice, the word, Logos. Heka was the first magician in the pantheon of “gods”.

Heka was not some alleged conjuring magic like fictional stories purport it to be, but of the magic of active creative potency through the word of the mouth, Logos. In Ancient Egyptian mythology and belief, the ruler king (pharaoh) needed the power of the “gods” in order to rule, the “god” Heka, in conjunction with Hu (“divine utterance”), and Sia (“divine omniscience”). The knowledge (Sia), speech (Hu) used in time (“he”) together as action (ka), became Heka. This was the rulers power.

Through the creative power of the ka (action) and he (time), the space of creation is made with motion. Action (ka) can’t create if there is no time (he) to create through, as everything would be still and the power (ka) inert. So action, ka, needs time, he, hence the creative magic potential of Heka. This is magic, to affect, alter, influence, create, manifest and generate into existence by the power of our actions directly, or through the influence of our words.

Symbolically, magic, heka, the “divine” word and knowledge, proceeds out of the mouth of “divinity” as an active power. The thoughts of the “heart” (the generator, the pump) expressed through the tongue as the “art of mouth”, as “magical speech”, since it was believed consciousness was in the “heart”, ib, which also meant mind. Mind and “heart” are synonyms for qualities of consciousness. Symbolically, the world was conceived in the mind/”heart” of thought, in the ib, and then uttered into creation by the mouth and word of speech, just as Logos is later represented in Judeo-Christian mythology.

In Kemetian symbolic mythology, the “heart” (i.e. mind, psyche, consciousness), was to be weighed and judged at “death” in contrast to Moral Truth/Law, symbolized by the Hall of Justice (Maat, truth, morality, law) and Scales/Balance of Maat. This is not a literal death, but self-renewal, as a phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn anew, resurrected from “death”.

In the Ancient Egyptian mythologies, there is also the “god” Thoth. Thoth is the scribe of the “gods” who wrote down all the judgments of our balance, alignment, harmony, integrity and congruence with Moral Truth/Law, with Maat. If we failed to measure up to Moral Truth/Law, the beast would eat our heart and we wouldn’t reach the “afterlife”, “eternal life”, “immortality” or “paradise” in the Field of Reeds in the East, where the Sun (higher consciousness) was reborn/resurrected. In the Bible narratives this is “Heaven”. For the Greeks it was “Elysium”.

The beast eating our heart that was still corrupted, wrong, immoral, evil, the shadow, darkness and demons in us, is what needed to be “put to death”, from the judgement of “death”, in the journey through the Western underworld (where the Sun dies) doing battle with the “demons” within. Once accomplished, by facing our “demons” with care, courage and the will to act and change, we are then resurrected, reborn, re-birthed and remade anew as a new version of ourselves, as the Sun rising again in the East. This is also symbolized as the “New World” in the Hero Monomyth.

The religious priest controllers, in Kemet, in the Judeo-Christianity and other religions, all left that part out in order to control the masses with the basic primal fear of death and a promise of “immorality” if they obeyed, but it’s all symbolism, not literal! The Bible even says this in many places, but the controllers make sure people take everything literally and not as a mythopoeic, symbolic, metaphorical, allegorical, analogous parable about life.

Do you understand the “afterlife” now? It’s your after-life in a “New World”, at first within as an inner-world, an inner-reality, in consciousness, remade better, improved, paradisaical, heavenly. It’s life after you remake and rebirth yourself into greater harmony, balance, unity, alignment and integrity with Moral Truth/Law/”Love”.

Why do I say “Love”? Because LaW = LoVe in a philological sense with no vowels, since “W” can interchange with “V” in many languages, and in old English. Law = “Love” = Moral Truth, not your standard “love”, but the higher consciousness “Love” as Truth, and Truth as “Love”. To Care for Moral Truth/Law, and be devoted and stand for Moral Truth/Law as the foundational most-important “capital” and currency to spend and pay with your time, attention, actions and behavior . This is the real alchemy, correcting our mistakes, correcting ourselves, purifying ourselves, making ourselves better than before, improved, changed and evolved. To create the “kingdom of God”, “heaven” and “light” (Truth/Morality) within and reflect that outwards through your actions to create a better condition and quality of life.

After we work on ourselves, each of us, then the aggregation of all our actions can automatically remake the human world we co-create, and live by each day, into a “heaven” and “paradise” as well. The way we live and the world we make is based on all of us together making it what it is. We may not be the “gods” of the literal physical universe, but we are the “gods” co-creating the human world that is around us, the ways of living we all choose to engage in. This is a great power and responsibility.

The symbolism of Maat, truth, morality, justice, order, righteousness, was opposed to the former choas, disorder, evil, immorality. The “old world”, and old way, opposed to the New World, and New Way. Maat was the pillar and foundation of order in the universe to be created upon symbolically, and also in our lives.

In the creation myth, the creator “god” first needed a foundational pillar, plinth, or mound, that had to exist amidst the void, abyss and darkness of the unknown primordial chaos, before he could create the rest of the universe. Moral Truth/Law is the foundation for us to create the quality and condition of life based in order and not chaos, anarchy and not slavery, peace and not war. Logos was also symbolized as the form of “Good” that order is based upon as well, expressed through the Word/”God”, and ultimately our actions that create the human-generated world we have around us that would not exist without humans making it the way it is.

We are all in this together in the end. Live by the truth, or fail as a consequence. Be right, or go wrong. Moral Truth/Law is the Way and Path to our “salvation” and the end of human-imposed suffering and enslavement. Do we choose to create a “heaven”, or a “hell”?

Thank you for reading! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.