True Enlightenment Does Not Equate to Perfection

Full segment from Mark Passio’s Street-Wise Spirituality presentation 2014-05-31

– Perfection does not exist here. If you expect perfection here, you are in the wrong reality.
– We can aspire to that, but not to expect perfection. It is a pipe dream.
– Impossible standards ensure that people don’t bother trying.
– We are here to learn and grow in Consciousness, Truth and Morality.
– Looking in the mirror is what it is about, and improving what you see a little bit at a time. It doesn’t have to be instant and all the way at this immediate moment. It is something to work towards, that you know you need to work towards, and you work on it.

“Once we face ourselves in full honesty and continued self-respect, recognize the wrong-doings we are a part of, we will develop the self-“love”/self-Care, to truly Care about changing ourselves for the better, evolving our consciousness and the manifestations we put out into the world we collectively co-create. The shadow inner-work is the phoenix burning up and dying. It is dying inside, in our inner being, that includes part of our ego-personality-identity construct. From those ashes, the phoenix is reborn a new. The ashes are the deconstruction, dissolution, disintegration and disassembly of all that we have as identification and association with our concept of self, all that we associate and identify as “who we are”, all the actions and behaviors we identify with, etc. This is the process of sublimation, transmutation, and purification.

From the ashes, the phoenix is reconstituted, reconstructed, rebirthed, resurrected and rebuilt anew, changed, better and truth-destroy-liesimproved. The false beliefs in lies, deceptions and illusions we used as a basis for our identity-ego-personality construct have been shattered, destroyed and dissolved and not taken back into the reassembly of the new version of you. This removes the faulty structural components of our self-concept, self-image, and ego-personality-identity construct — the false beliefs, lies and illusions — to build something stronger grounded in Truth, Love, Good, Right, Natural Law, etc. We can continually do this, over and over. The ego-personality-identity construct for interaction in reality can be reconditioned and reprogrammed to align with our higher Self, Higher Will, Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law, what is right, good and true, etc. Recognize Truth as it is; see the truth about our actions and behaviors and what they actually manifest in reality, stop engaging in foolishness and change for the better towards the wisdom of right-action. This is a lot of continual work that many people only do part of and think that is enough.”