The Veil of Good that Evil Hides Within

The only thing evil needs to do in order to get good to help the evil, is for the evil to appear “good”, to pretend it is “good”, to veil itself in the illusion of being “good”.

If someone can create the image of “good” or “order” by doing something evil, people will accept the evil as “good” or “ordered”.

We have people who created a belief in the need for government as “good” and “ordered” no mater what it does, and people have accepted democide as a result.

The automatic position of moral causal agents or beings, is of neutrality, defaulted to non-evil, with positive active good and negative active evil being created additionally at will. Everyone assumes a default position of neutral, or good if there is no evidence to conclude evil action.

Evil will not be detected, until it is manifested into being by a causal agent that creates it.

The deception of evil looking innocent is especially effective when presenting the appearance of needing help, of being injured, then the good does want to help. A malicious person can pretend to be hurt to gain the trust of a decent person and use them for their own nefarious purposes.

Believing the sob story or sad story will engender empathy in the vulnerability of the situation they are in. Beliefs create trust, loyalty and faith in the belief or image of a victim. Vulnerability engenders trust. Trust engenders loyalty and faith. Appearances can deceive.

Evil can appear as a victim to gain your trust, to gain your good support and help evil in its ways without you knowing it. There is the image of an innocent victim, and therefore the image of good, by being at the very least a neutral innocent victim, not evil, hence good.

Evil actions can be veiled in the appearance of good all too easily. Appearances can fool us. Looking deeper to the substance of reality, rather than superficial appearances, is a wise methodology to apply towards everything in life. Discern truth from falsity, right from wrong, good from evil.