Order-Followers and Carnism

Order-followers are ignorant people who do not think for themselves. When an order-follower engages in evil, they think it’s good. Those who willfully engage in wrong-doings, in evil, are doing so with knowledge. People will usually think of police and military when imagining an order-follower.

I was raised as an ignorant conformist to social norms, customs, traditions and behavioral acceptance. When we engage in a program, without thought, from preconditioning into specific patterns to follow, we are a follower of the orders and “order” of society, of the orders of others who indoctrinate us with these programs and orders to simulate a false form of “order”.

I was raised as a carnist who engaged in wrong-doings, in evil. We all are. I was an order-follower, ignorantly engaging in a wrong-doing. We all do. Due to my development of care for Truth and Morality, when the information was presented about how all animals are free beings and it is immoral to use them as property, I immediately recognized the truth and did not rebel, deny, or reject it. I then had to work to change myself and live by the moral values I recognized I needed to embody more fully.

Those who learn about carnism and the immorality of using other animals when it is not necessary, are choosing to willfully continue to participate in exploitation, enslavement, harm, violence and murder of other innocent sentient animal life that has every right to life and freedom from harm that we do. Instead of being an ignorant order follower in the conditioned false living of the traditions and social norms, the person has chosen to further ignore and deny the truth and morality of their current condition, about who they are currently choosing to be, thereby negating the need to change and better themselves. They are choosing to do wrong instead of right because they can’t handle the truth and morality of their current behavior. They do not want to alter their delusional self-image and worldview. So, they remain attached to evil and will defend it with mental gymnastics of stupidity, which sounds “right” to them since they cannot see the delusional foundational structures of false reality for what they are.

Since our society is carnist be default, we are all carnists be default, and we are all order-followers by default due to the indoctrinating unthinking programs that get shoved into our conception of reality and moral behavior. Those who break out of the  order-following programs, such as statism and carnism, are free-thinkers who recognize reality for what it is. They are choosing a more moral way of living in alignment with Truth and Morality, not the preconditioned acceptance into the social program of adopting a false self for behavioral living standards.

Carnists are ignorant order-followers, robots to a false self program of evil. They may be ignorant of it completely; ignorant of it by choice of denying and rejecting Truth and Morality so they don’t have to accept how it is wrong; or they are deeply ignorant of themselves and morality and do not even care that their actions are evil and willfully engage in them, forever asleep to the programmed false living they have chosen to continue to perpetuate. Carnists are living out a behavioral program of living that is based upon psychopathy. Carnism is a part of “their” program that they want us to live by in order for their false way of living to continue, in order for psychopathy to continue. This program of living does not help to end slavery, but instead actively perpetuates slavery on a mass scale.

Carnists are supporters of slavery and evil. They need to accept this fact of reality. Carnists are Satanists. Carnists are cowards to Truth and Morality, they run from it in fear. That is why they remain ignorant of the “vegan” Truth. Otherwise, they would run towards it and embrace it, like I and others did. We cast off our ignorance by learning about morality and “veganism”, not denying its validity and not looking into it exhaustively. When you fear facing the mirror with Truth and Morality, you are choosing to ignore yourself and remain a coward who can’t even look at themselves honestly.

Either way, a carnist (as well as a statist or other order-follower or immoral wrong-doer) follows the orders of society, culture, tradition and customs that have been programmed into them from an early age and does not truly think for themselves. They lack true intelligence and are not evolving in consciousness. They do not see beyond the false veils of reality that have been erected in their minds to prevent them from realizing and actualizing themselves into greater degrees of alignment, unity and harmony with Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, etc. All those principles and values they know deep down are right, but they only apply these moral rules to other human animals and disregard the moral responsibility of higher order consciousness we have towards all animal beings.

Do you want to ally with immoral people in your life? Mark Passio has his “one true divide” as “authority”,  which Mark most directly represented as statism and the support of slavery. My “one true divide” is Care for Truth and Morality, as this ultimately covers all immorality and all slavery, such as carnism. I explain it in more detail in the Truth is Love article. If you Care for Truth, you will ultimately get past statism, carnism and all other bullshit-isms.

A “one true divide” based on morality is how you get people to end their participation in evil. Those who attempt to deny division based on Morality are blind to reality and want to live in a pseudo-spiritual fantasy of “oneness” with no multiplicity, diversity, variability, similarity, separation, difference, distinction, relation, correspondence, comparison, with respect to acquiring an understanding of reality, universe, what ‘is’, Truth, with discernment, discrimination, diagnosis, evaluation, assessment, judgment, identification, etc.

People have a hard time seeing reality accurately. You either are engaging in moral violations, or you are not. You either want to end your engagement in moral violations, or you do not. Do no harm. Reduce and lessen your wrongs. That is Caring for Truth and Morality, even if you aren’t doing it all right now right away, at least you don’t reject the Truth and Morality of your current condition. There is only one way to evolve consciousness and create True Freedom and Peace, and that is through Truth and Morality to End All Evil.


  • Ok….so your saying if you are not a Vegan total…then evil? If a then b?

    • Is the problem in admitting participation in evil? I am “vegan” and I still participate in evil as part of the participatory conditions of the system we live in. I live in the reality others also create and live by those collective means. If that is not the issue, please specify. Removing ourselves from inflicting harm as much as we can, because we can, especially when it is unnecessary for survival, is the right path to end all evil. The continuation in wrong-doings of immoral violations is part of creating psychological and behavioral patterns of evil that feed the self-inflicted enslavement and suffering we end up creating which is not conducive to True Freedom and Peace. We judge, offend and insult ourselves in the conditions we create and allow to be created through abdication of our responsibility and free will power to act as a Natural Law Causal Agent. We create the evil. We are the only ones who can end it. Peace.

      • Colin Widger

        Yes, the problem is in not admitting to the partaking in the evil or harm, or wrong doing we all have free will, we make free will choices. It is the CONSEQUENCES of these objectively incorrect choices we choose to partake in. IF we all in the aggregate choose to participate in actions that DO NOT cause harm, we will eventually be a more free, free from evil and suffering society, in the collective. There is no excuse in merely saying, oh. That’s part of my work or job, or way I make a living this is simply incorrect, it’s wrong livelihood and we always have free will to choose ALTERNATIVE non harm causing work or ways of living no matter what the circumstances. Anyone who cannot understand this is IF WE ARE BEING HONEST WITH OURSFLVES, simply deranged, severely mentally retarded, brain imbalanced or all three and it is these people who are a major part of the problem. Sadly and most infuriatingly the cast majority of humanity at this present time, is under enormous brain washing, mind control, social engineering or conditioning all the same thing really I for one was persecuted almost to death by my own government, all rights violated, starved, freezing in the forest for over a year after my own home which I own was stolen and sold after my mother was murdered out of it after such a horrific ordeal still to this day, I abide by moral law, caused no harm to anyone, never stole,anything, regardless of being malnourished and as starved to death like a skeleton I am still trying to expose this and seek justice and restitution the sheer wilful ignorance, apathy and unfathomable stupidity of most people is so revolting to me, sad yes, but literally makes me feel physically sick. There is no excuse, we are drowning in information and the knowledge is out there everywhere. People just refuse to search, look at, research. They are programmed to be this way. Most times now I think and feel like I’m a totally different species, I’m never egotistical but yes, more evolved in awareness, consciousness, morality and truth seeking
        Good luck all, you will need it.

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