Good and Evil in Being

Truth Levels, Good and Evil in Being

Truth Level 1 is that which ‘is’. Whatever exists in our reality, ‘is’, is a being in our reality, and is a part of the truth of our reality. Truth Level 2 is the ultimate Force of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, etc., which ‘is’ as well, but exists beyond the limitations of the material physical reality, and can be referred to as the transcendental being.



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Truth Level 1 and Level 2 are seen through the manifestation of physical material being/existence. Truth Level 1 is matter and form to create what exists in reality, an actual substance in matter, that may end up expressing aspects of good or evil. Matter itself can be in anything, it is not a particular thing itself, there is no thing that is just matter, matter is an aspect of things, a class to which things belong to. A form is required to shape the elements and components of matter, in order to arrange and coordinate them in relation to each other. Truth Level 2 are the forms that make it possible for the thing to exist in reality. If people are familiar with Rupert Sheldrake, Truth Level 2 is likened to the morphogenetic field upon which individual substances use as blueprints and are created in the image of. The Transcendental Being (Truth Level 2) is the source template for the formation of various forms of matter that exist in our reality (Truth Level 1), such as human animals, rocks, etc. The individual this horse or this human is part of the universal forms of horse or human, to which matter conforms its elements and components into coordination to create that shape.

The Force of Evil manifests through the lack of the Force of Good. The Force of Good is what ‘is’, in the highest respect, i.e. “God”, Source, One, All, etc. Total Evil cannot be manifest into any being in our reality, for if it would consume all of the being, there would be no good remaining in that thing/being, and no essence of ‘is’-ness remaining means no is-ness and no existence. There would be no being remaining in that alleged thing, since Good, Truth and Right ‘is’, and is of itself inherent in all of creation, in all of being, in all of things, and is part of being in existence through that ONE Force of Good. Conceptually, if something is all Evil, it has no Good left at all, and therefore it has no being and isn’t even capable of existing at all in our physical reality. Pure Evil cannot manifest in our reality.

For pure evil to manifest in a thing completely, it would end that thing, it would not have any form of being left, it would not be able to exist as it would seek destruction at all times and would need to exist elsewhere, not this reality existence, and would cease to be a thing here.

Evil in Being (Things)

To do harm to a causal agent of free will, willfully or not, is still harm, a -1. Animals may be amoral in their consciousness, but higher level consciousness can recognize the difference between right and wrong, between what is moral and immoral action. Humans have this capacity, while other animals have it in diminishing capacities to be able to recognize harm in an intuitive capacity in others, if not in an empathic emotional capacity.

For example, a rock exists, it ‘is’, hence a rock is part of being in existence. The rock is good by default. The rock cannot manifest evil in any respect, it is not a causal agent. If a causal agent throws the rock at someones head and murders them, the rock became a tool of unnecessary and undue harm, evil, from the causal agent. The rock was a tool for the causal agent. The rock itself was good, but the causal agent of free will, choosing evil willfully, turned the good-by-default rock into an instrument of effective evil. The causal agent imbued into the effect it created, and since the rock was part of that effect, it had evil imposed onto its being. If someone is harmed by a tool, they could take out their reciprocity and redress of a wrong on the rock, but the rock is not the cause, it had no power to change. The rock became an effect of evil from the causal agent who created the evil into existence where it was not before. Of the things in physical existence, apart from the Force and Laws, animals have the strongest causal agent power, with humans having the most power to cause changes.

Laws are causal forces, and they can impose things on beings as well. Higher order beings have different Laws, higher order Laws, that apply to them beyond the base biological “laws” of survival that other animals are programmed with and few escape from. Blind correspondence with the rest of the animal kingdom can get us into false beliefs. We are higher order consciousness beings with higher order Laws that go along with this increase in consciousness power, the responsibility of those Laws comes with the power increase in consciousness.

As causal agents that require modes of survival, animals are conditioned with biological laws and not capable of always living moral lives, nor do they understand this notion of morality. Animals are lower order consciousness beings that live in amorality. They act, for the most part, according to the Nature of their kind, their class, their species. This would be a Nature Level 1, and Nature Level 2 would be referring to the metaphysical realm of Natural Law. Those animal species that are capable of understanding morality, are then more able to choose to live more morally than those who do not understand what morality is. We can never be purely moral, nor purely good, etc. The goal of perfection is infinite and never reachable, but we are always on that journey if we want to be. The capabilities of higher order consciousness permit and promote this evolution in consciousness.

An animal like a cat that has identified with you, may try to provide you with a dead bird or mouse for you to eat because it cares for you in its framework for living, according to their imposed natural programming. Sometimes animals can break out from their behavioral programming as well, and care for animals they would normally kill and eat as part of their imposed nature. Human animals have the most power in self-transformation, but a lion or other wild cat did not kill a baby prey animal and helped to raise it, going against its biological programming. There is nature programming, and there is nurture of environmental programming as well. It can be likened to genetics and epigenetics. The first imposition is from the nature as genetics, the second imposition is from the nature as the environment, acting as the influencing and imposing factors that shape us after the first impositions.

Human animals, despite currently living in many falsities and wrong ways in the false self, still mostly try to do what they think is “good”, whether true or not. Hitler did what he thought was “right” and “good” you could say, or he was consciously aware of how wrong it was and did it anyways because he enjoyed creating harm for others. Everyone does this for the most part in their lives, even when they are doing wrong. The amount of people that knowingly and willingly do evil is relatively small, while most people avoid introspection, reflection, contemplation about their behavior and Truth to find out the wrongs they are doing. Most people simply do not want to face the truth about their actions that would require them to change, because change requires effort and work, and they do not want to take up that responsibility to end micro evil personally in themselves first, and then help end macro evil in the aggregate as well. That is a lot of work. Enjoying life is much more preferable, going along, riding the wave, passion fulfillment, etc. Imagine if one generation stopped their personal pleasure pursuits and focused on Truth discovery and eliminating evil from the collective “hearts” and “minds” of people.

But back to animals that seek to help others, protect others, even other species against the base animal programming according to their survival nature. Higher consciousness moral recognition sees the difference from an immoral action to an abdication of that immoral action, despite the lower animal consciousnesses not understanding this conceptually. The animal goes from lower immoral actions it is programmed with, to choosing another action that is more inline with Morality, with Good, with Right, etc. We can see that a base programmed imposition to promote survival of the living being, in amoral concern and ignorance, is capable of being overridden by consciousness and the free will to change. Human animals are not the only ones capable of doing so, but are the ones with the strongest capability and most frequency to demonstrate such changes. Other animals do not display as much variation in choice as we do. This is the real evolution at work, the evolution in consciousness in what we choose to do, our actions and behavior. Other animals are more locked into their programming than human animals. We have more degrees of freedom than they do. We have more power to create. The lower the form of life, the less the “consciousness” is able to free itself from the impositions upon its nature. All things in existence are energy at a base level which can be viewed as a base form of the all purveying consciousness field. Rocks are more stuck than plants, which are more stuck than animals, which are, in the whole, more stuck than human animals. The greatest degree of freedom, free will, choice, is in the human animal. This is where the most power lies, this is also where the responsibility lies, as we have power to do great good or great evil. We can know transcendental aspects of being, and we can live up to that understanding, to evolve past our lower base carnal animalistic beastly consciousness and rise to higher order consciousness and living.

Morality is key to evolution. Is “spirituality” seeing spirits? Then I’m not spiritual. Is that all it takes to be” spiritual”? If “spirituality” has nothing to do with Morality, then I have absolutely no desire for and see no value in “spirituality”, and do not care to be “spiritual” in any way. Seeing other spirits or dimensions is of little concern for me. Have fun with your “visions”, cul-de-sac forms of “meditation”, channeling, etc., if that is what you consider a valuable use of your time in the journey towards Truth/Morality to End Evil. True Spirituality is based in Morality. True Unity is based in Morality. True Freedom is based in Morality.

When we look at ourselves, other animals, other things, we can see deeper into Good and Evil manifested according to survival reciprocity with amoral concern in the causal agents as they act on base animal programming to survive. In nature, and especially the lower animal kingdom like insects, there is primarily a selfish concern without consideration for the harm being done to others. Some operate in a hive-mind queen authority to coordinate survival (ants, bees). Nature as the natural environment does not care at all, it is impersonal. There are basic laws of programming according to each kind, class and species for its basic survival.

Animals have basic reciprocity in them, cause and effect, action reaction, etc. This is a component to morality, but not all of it, so they do not have the full moral compass in them. Animals are primarily based on survival and will act according to their kind, class, species, etc.

All animals seek to not be killed by predators. Animals will defend themselves and those they care for, that they identify with, if they are able to. Human animals are capable of more abstract identification beyond the immediate surrounding that we are attached to, such as beyond those people close to us in our personal lives and identifying with people everywhere and even other species. The harm done to other beings is more recognizable by us. We can reduce the harm we do that we were otherwise not fully aware of, as we have much cultural, traditional and customary programming into lower base consciousness modalities of living in carnal fleshly animalistic survival predatory dominator mindsets. Animals seek to protect themselves, and those they identify with, from harm. The greater your care, agape, the more you wish to reduce the harm done to other beings, as though they were your spouse, offspring, to love thy neighbor, etc.

We can see this expression of Good and Evil at work, but in other beings, according to their nature (i.e. natural base survival programming), they do not see their behavior objectively in relation to other beings due to their limited consciousness capabilities, such as the ability to identify with others, empathize, etc. Other animals are imposed with certain natures within a system of reciprocal living, whereby they may happen to be predators towards some animals yet also prey for others. Animals want to be free from harm, but they generally don’t care much about harming others they don’t identify with. We, human animals, can go beyond those limitations and identify beyond the local surroundings of our family, clan, tribe, etc., into the abstract Truth of everything and see the commonality of all human animals and all animals in general.

The matter of physical being is good by default, ordered into a structural component for existence. The behavioral attributes correlate with biological energy grouping, coordination, formation, etc. The biological constructs have degrees of difference and similarity. Each specific correlation and coordination of component elements produces a specific kind, class or species with its own biological behavioral basic programming attributes for survival. This is a part of its “nature” as a biological unit with imposition of programming for its survival.

An interesting thing to contemplate is, if we think of matter as a class of being as basically good itself, but specific elements within that class, or their combination, can be harmful, then we can also think of the formation and construction of specific components as somehow requiring the addition of evil or reduction of goodness in order to survive in an amoral selfish survivalist modality of existence without purpose other than to survive and not be harmed, to maintain self-preservation. If what ‘is’ at the pure level is Good, and all things that ‘are’ have some aspects of Good, then those things that exist with causal powers, as causal agents, have the capacity for evil in them in terms of survival of self above others. The most basic level of animals only has concerns for their survival. The imposition of negative modalities for survival goes against good, so maybe the goal of consciousness in organic life is to progress towards a life form capable of overcoming the harmful survivalist predatory selfish lack of care modality of living. Other animals are herbivores or foliovores and have been venerated in biblical or “spiritual” imagery for their non-carnist characteristics and peaceful existence of not harming other creatures. “Spirituality” is foundationally tied to Morality, ahimsa, nonviolence, do no harm, doing the least harm we can, lessening our wrongs.

Life and Evil

There is a popular justification some people use for their behaviors: “life consumes life consumes life”. It is especially popular among carnists. This saying is the standard order of lower lesser evolved life. When you evolve to a certain point, the shift from amoral ignorant living in immorality, to living in morality, takes place through evolution in consciousness and conscious awareness of greater transcendental aspects of being. We can imitate other animal life and other energy existence in the universe and keep the status quo of base evolutionary survival. That is a choice we have. Or we can choose to go beyond that, to evolve beyond the base lower carnal fleshly survival predator dominator mindset towards True Moral living that is capable of being achieved with our creative technological capacities. To conceive of evolution as progressing the same predator dominator “life eats life” survivalist immoral actions is idiocy, especially when we are not amoral lower thought beings. We have higher capacities, and we are not living up to the power and responsibility we have been granted. We can eat only plant life to live, we do not need to be predatory carnists eating from our own animal kingdom, we can evolve beyond the limitations of the detached dog-eat-dog natural lower world of animal life.

Asserting “life eats life..” is incorrect as a universal Truth. To imply this axiom would assert its accuracy at all levels of what we consider life, which are biological life forms. Animals eat plants, some animals eat other animals. Plants get minerals from the ground and sunlight and water and turn that into the first form of basic macro life for other animal life to eat and live. Dead biological life goes into the ground after it decays, but the plants do not directly consume a living being for survival. Plants consume minerals, that can happen to be deposited by animal life, or other plant life. Plants have a primary purpose of establishing a habitable domain for animal life to succeed afterwards. There are variations in the development of different types of plants, with many that are poisonous and deadly. Plants don’t eat life, they eat sunlight, water, and minerals to create their life form in matter. Animals eat plants and other animals to gain the nutrients to live. Most lower animal life lacks the cognitive capacities in consciousness to act in more expansively caring or moral ways, and so live in an amoral bubble of self-preserving survival. Higher animal life, like some mammals, can express affection and care for other animals, not only their own kind. Humans appear to be endowed the greatest power and capacity for care and goodness to other beings (reducing harm), as well as great power for hate and evil actions towards other beings.

The animal kingdom to which we belong as animal beings is amoral as a whole, having little to no comprehension or consideration for moral behavior. Evolution, real evolution in consciousness expressing itself in a being, brings one closer to morality through the development of thought and emotion, “mind and heart”. This is part of what it means to Evolve Consciousness. Mammals have more of an emotionally expressive capacity from the neocortical development that other animals lack. Humans have the most expressive capacities of thought and emotion, capable of merging them into motivational directions to act and create in the world, and then able to understand the feedback more deeply than other animals of lower capabilities in consciousness. We have greater capability to diverge from a primal animal living and go beyond this purposeless paradigm of “life eats life”, “dogs eats dog” survival of the fittest supremacist ideology, which is what is behind the Social Darwinian and Eugenics ideologies of population control.

We have great power to influence and be influenced compared to other animals, which is why we diverge much further in relative immorality of actions. Our creative power can have us create spells on the mind and trap people in illusions and delusions of false ways of living. Other animals don’t have this capacity. Instead of rising beyond the immorality of amoral animal living, we are kept in a drugged up fantasy living that has us perpetuating lower thought and emotive modalities of being and living. If all you want to do is enjoy life, have fun, etc., then you will be living the life of a basic carnal lustful animal, which is the lower order mind of man that keeps him trapped in the survivalist predatory dominator base consciousness. If you want to be a simple animal, in an attempt at amoral living when you ignore the capacity to learn the Knowledge of Good and Evil, of right and wrong, of Truth and falsity, then enjoy living like the animals you most likely treat (or actually mistreat), as you will continue to create your own road to enslavement. Ending Evil involves ending slavery everywhere, for all animals, to remove the predator dominator mind virus from being embodied and created into being, from creating evil through slavery at all.

To escape the lower beastly carnal fleshly predatory dominator consciousness, you need to want to evolve and go beyond this immoral depravity:

Natural man often has great problems when he attempts to embrace such a manner of life. He reasons: The animals were put here for me to eat. The problem is that because he is ruled over by the beasts of his lower animal nature — i.e., carnivores — he craves the blood, flesh and fat of slain beasts.  In scripture, the good animals are always portrayed as vegetarians that inflict no harm upon any other creature — i.e., the lamb — and if we are to make any progress in following in TheWay, we must convert the lower nature within us from a beast, to a subdued companion that supports our quest of higher consciousness.   We cannot even begin to accomplish this transformation while our physical bodies are the tombs of dead animals.   Why is this truth not more clear in our Bibles today: It is near impossible for carnal, sensually driven men not to eat the flesh of slain beasts.

What happens when we live in the beastly animistic nature instead of evolving to the higher consciousness? We get stuck in perversions of the false conceptions and go to the extreme in them. We mass murder other animals for the nutrient dense life-force they have provided for themselves in their own survival, rather than do the work ourselves to live longer and healthier, we steal from other animals in the usual animalistic cycle rather than evolve to obtain nutrients from the plant kingdom and thereby do the least harm possible. In their lower animal natures, animals are amoral, but we as human animals are capable of understanding the transcendental aspect of Morality, Goodness and Truth, yet we are engaging in immorality regardless.

We have been engaging in immoral actions for thousands of years. The carnist predatory dominator mind-virus towards other animal life is part of that slavery and evil. Maybe it is time we finally evolve beyond this limiting paradigm of theft that is part of the amoral lower animal kingdom lacking higher order consciousness development? Other higher order animal life forms that are not predators, eat mostly plants. We can eat only plants and be the healthiest, because we have the knowledge and capacity to do so and obtain all of our nutrients with the right food source, plants. We don’t need to steal the hard work other animals labored to produce in themselves, murder fellow red blooded sentient animate being that matter morally and have every right to no harm from humans and to have the freedom of their lives as we do. Otherwise, the predator dominator mind virus remains and progresses, multiplies like the disease it is.

At some point, if we progress along this path, why not be more efficient in the scientific dictatorship, why not just enslave people to work and feed themselves, and then just murder them for their nutrient dense bodies? Surely that is more efficient than doing the work to herd, enslave and take care of animals. Enslaved humans are capable of taking care of themselves, just look at the world we live in and the self imposed slavery we allow to continue. The movie Soilent Green dealt with this aspect of using ourselves as food.

You can choose to copy, imitate and mimic any selective behavioral trait of one or several species of animals, and live like other animals, in that lower beastly state of consciousness. Or, you can get your head out of your ass and evolve consciousness beyond the limitations of predatory dominator survival. We can keep doing immoral things because other animals do them as well, or we can evolve beyond that because we have the consciousness that is capable of recognizing it for what it is. Those who want to believe in dissociated amoral living are choosing to live in the lower animal base consciousness of predatory dominator survival, while deceiving themselves into thinking they are “evolved”, have wider True Care agape towards others fellow animals. The carnist belief is an effective trap into the participation and perpetuation of evil, just keep doing your immoral actions and that’s just life.

This can also add additional understanding to the attachment in the pseudo-“spiritual” axiom of “good requiring evil” or “both good and evil are required to exist”, that I previously explained in another light. In most of the natural operations of other fellow animal life, we see the survivalist predatory behavior, and this develops into a dominator mind-virus in human animals that have greater power and consciousness to manifest greater degrees of evil that go along with greater degree of good we are also capable of creating. Taking the lower animal consciousness embodiment of “the good requiring the evil” is not appropriate for higher order consciousness that may be labeled “spiritual”. We can rise above the survivalist predatory harm against other fellow red blooded animals, and live healthier on only the plant kingdom of life.

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