Ka-Maat, Karma, Wheel of Life

Rotation, Cycle and Wheel of Time, Fortune, Fate, Destiny, Dharma, Karma and Life. The Circle of Life we create into the future, from past actions in reality, turned by desires, thoughts, deeds and their resulting manifestations in reality. The 4 Elements are the basis for generation in reality.

Rta-Rota, the “chariot” (of the gods), with the “solar bark” traveling through night sky of Milky Way, through the cow Mother Goddess. Ru (mouth, womb), the oval from the Ankh, is where the Spirit of  “Good” is, in the air, sky and Sun, symbolizing higher consciousness and self-transformation through apotheosis.  The Wheel is the Way/Path for the chariot of the Sun, the solar bark, to embark into the “afterlife” and “immortality”. The Circle of Life also represents the Boundaries of Behavior for Living in the Right Path/Way.

Karma, Karman and Kamma, is Kamaa, which is Ka-maa and Ka-maat. The power, force, energy and life creating potential from our hands/arms producing actions/deeds/behaviors in degrees of alignment, harmony or unity with Maat/maat. The maat of our ka determines the future we generate and the consequences (rewards/punishments) we face as a result.

Dharma “law, right, justice”. Root *dher- “firm, holds, supports” i.e. foundation, mound, pillar (maat). Same root as True/Truth (deru), solid, unwavering. Deru, dru, druid.

Wheel, Cycle, Circle, Circus, Rotation, Chakra, Order, Cosmic, Universal.
Time, Cycle, Orobouros, Infinity, X, Cross, Elements, Generation, Life.



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  • Hewhogoesfirstinbattle

    Thank you so much you have helped me with your videos more than you could ever realize but the key was I have always wanted the truth at all costs. It is amazing because 10 years ago in college I took public speech and even though I did not know what this symbolism meant My first speech was about Hands and that being on your knees and putting your hands together like your washing them was no way to pray or seek truth and that you have to get up go out into the world and take action we are not alone because we are all here to help each other. When ever I run into Christians I always find that though I do not follow their religion I follow the path of Christ meaning I go to dark places and face the darkness myself at all costs and that experience is the only way to ever really know anything not reference in media or books. I remember when I was in college and working as a cart pusher and my co-worker on the lot and me were talking to a Christian that was selling things in front of our store and the Christian said to us only by excepting Jesus Christ as your savior would you get to heaven and my friend and co-worker who had grew up in the mountains in a small town and was never exposed to any religion asked “what if your a good person?” and the Christian said it doesn’t matter. My friend seemed so conflicted when we walked away and confused and I never give advice unless I feel it from my experience and my heart and I said to him “That man is wrong what the bible says is to walk with Christ to be like Christ to live like a good person helping others and that yes being a good person is the meaning of accepting Christ into your life.” He liked that and he seemed relieved. I find it revolting that Christians will go to sickening lengths hating gays, castration, asexuality, etc., yet none of them act like Christ and use the excuse that they are only human and incapable? They just want to go to church and sit and live a life of ignorance referencing the world through a corrupt book and continue being hateful bigots thinking all they have to do is say I’m sorry at the last minute, and when I tell them the truth is you must get off your ass and do some good in the world they will not and they argue with me with ever fabric of their soul and would rather go to ridiculous extremes following a book and wonder why their life and our world never gets any better? I am meaning to contact the maker of this video I hope this is the right place?

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