Ka-Maat, Karma, Wheel of Life

Rotation, Cycle and Wheel of Time, Fortune, Fate, Destiny, Dharma, Karma and Life. The Circle of Life we create into the future, from past actions in reality, turned by desires, thoughts, deeds and their resulting manifestations in reality. The 4 Elements are the basis for generation in reality.

Rta-Rota, the “chariot” (of the gods), with the “solar bark” traveling through night sky of Milky Way, through the cow Mother Goddess. Ru (mouth, womb), the oval from the Ankh, is where the Spirit of  “Good” is, in the air, sky and Sun, symbolizing higher consciousness and self-transformation through apotheosis.  The Wheel is the Way/Path for the chariot of the Sun, the solar bark, to embark into the “afterlife” and “immortality”. The Circle of Life also represents the Boundaries of Behavior for Living in the Right Path/Way.

Karma, Karman and Kamma, is Kamaa, which is Ka-maa and Ka-maat. The power, force, energy and life creating potential from our hands/arms producing actions/deeds/behaviors in degrees of alignment, harmony or unity with Maat/maat. The maat of our ka determines the future we generate and the consequences (rewards/punishments) we face as a result.

Dharma “law, right, justice”. Root *dher- “firm, holds, supports” i.e. foundation, mound, pillar (maat). Same root as True/Truth (deru), solid, unwavering. Deru, dru, druid.

Wheel, Cycle, Circle, Circus, Rotation, Chakra, Order, Cosmic, Universal.
Time, Cycle, Orobouros, Infinity, X, Cross, Elements, Generation, Life.



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