Family, Ownership and Slavery

Family, etymologically, means servant, slave. In order to make slaves feel “at home”, “welcome”, “loved” and “cared” for, the slave-master changes their treatment. They also used the mind control device of spells, cast through symbolic language magic. The slave is told they are part of the household now, included into the protection, which only means they are protected as property by the master, but the master passes this protection as “care”, just as he cares for his own kin and clan. Now they are members of a “household”. Not equal members, but now they are told they are members. The former overt in your face slavery was slowly replaced with indentured servitude slavery and mind control slavery of an even more covert kind. The practice came into being of including the servants more into the house, and less treatment of them as nonhuman animals are normally treated. Later, a word is derived to symbolize this “great” “loving” expression from the slave-master. The relationship is always a master to a slave, but the appearances change. Comforts and convenience replace harshness. This is also a basic psychological trauma mind control technique. Servitude is associated with the inclusion into the household as a member of the “family”, the domicile. Overt slavery was eventually removed and the word family is simply as we understand it today in the positive way. But, we are all still slaves in a great sense, as each of us are subsets of a greater whole, each family unit is an individual subset of the greater “family” of the nation state, the motherland or fatherland.



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The terms domestic, domain and dominator are related to family. They relate to a house, and things that belong to the house, as in property, master of those things in the house/domain. Family was originally property included in the household. This is the madness that material obsession and ownership tends to lead to without the other knowledge of how it is wrong.

Now, in a comment on a thread on capitalism on FB, I cleared up some more confusion about economics. Now we see where “household management” of “economics” ties into all of this as the management of what the master holds in his protective dwelling:

Economy is oikos “house, abode, dwelling” + nomos “managing,” from nemein “manage” (see numismatic). The control of distribution, division, allotment sanctioned by custom, law or common usage. This is what coinage or money was invented for. I do not put economics at the front of my life, as the chief, most important capital.

Household, from house (n.) + hold (n.1)

House is connected to hide, since you hide in a shelter to protect yourself. Hold as a verb is to contain, grasp and also cherish, which comes from:

hold (v.)
“to keep, tend, watch over” (as cattle), later “to have.”

hold (n.1)
“act of holding,” c.1100; “grasp, grip,” c.1200, “keeping, custody, guard; watch, protector, guardian,” from hold (v.)

Hold has dual meanings as other words do. A positive and negative. You can see how the original meaning of enslavement and exploitation of other animal beings got morphed into “caring” for them through “animal husbandry”. The enslaved animals we kept, tended for, watched over, “cared” and “loved” but used as property because “to have” is ownership, i.e. to hold something is to have it in your hands and control it, be master over it. Husband is the master of the house, householder, holder, hold, possession. To hold other beings under your control, to be master over them, is not right. You can hold a thought, and be master over it, and you can hold other material things and be master over it, but not be master and hold other free beings, as this then becomes overt predatory dominator living.

We can have things in our grasp legitimately that do not violate Natural Moral Law, or we can go ego delusion of “God” and invent any rules we want for conduct. The roots of these words indicate a strong source in slavery.

Owning something is to be master of it, to possess it. To have it, grasp it, hold it. Property in terms of ownership is a later derivation from the concept of a thing having things in it, properties, attributes, qualities, etc., “one’s own”. Ownership of human property is the thing in your hands, the possession, the thing possessed. Everything you control in your hands becomes your slave, you are master over it.

Hold is also related to house in the sense of a place of refuge, to hide, be protected. Again, the positive meaning, but it came from the negative. Holding in your hands, holding in your protection as a piece of property that you own, hence the cattle, and “to have” as the origin of the verb hold. Cognates of hold are to tend, herd, going back to PIE *kel- which also relates to the origin of cut, divide and scales, balance, ladder by *(s)kel-. If you cut or divide something *(s)kel, it requires a driving force *kel-. When you herd or tend there is a driving force to control them, to hold them under your dominion of domination. Cognates of hold(v.) in other languages relate to quick and goad. Why the drive and goading? It is about control, slavery, what you think you hold dominion over, at least in your mind. Anything you take grasp of, hold, you dominate. From animals we take and control and dominate to do with as we please, man adopted this to dominate any beings they could through power of their hands, including woman. War and conquest leads to murder, pillage and rape. All theft of property, from life, to material and sexual property of the body. Whatever the delusional calcified ego, pretending to be “God”, in psychopathic predator domination, can take hold of and manipulate, they view as theirs. Anyone subjectively weaker than them in some way, such as physically, is open for their domination. Children all over the world are sold into horrors, they are helpless like the other nonhuman animals we dominate and exploit. Psychopathy in behavior towards humans or nonhumans, is rooted in the same underlying disunity and disharmony with Truth and Morality, but they differ in degree.

What is the house hiding and protecting? It is hiding and protecting the person themselves, but also protecting those things the master holds onto, all his property and possessions. We can be legitimate masters of things, but never legitimate masters of excessive ownership of things, nor the ownership of other sentient animate beings that have every right to life and freedom we do. They are beings in their own right, not our slaves. Slavery is wrong across the board in all forms. Holding things can be positive or negative. We need to be aligned with the principle most important capital of Truth and Morality to be able to determine valid ownership and property. Even the positive aspect of cherish, you can see how ownership and property can lead to the cherishing of material wealth. People get attached to their material property and hold it dear to them. I see a very strong connection in all of these words with a common modality of living, i.e. slavery. The induction of universal “control over reality” from particulars was unverified through deduction. People looked at their hands and what they could control and be master of, understanding the concept of control through their hands. This legitimacy of control through the hands was over generalized, the universal concept of manipulation and control of reality through the hands was perverted beyond its correct understanding. Man did not understand his rightful limits and here we are today still not getting it.