How were weapons created?
Were they created for defense?
If so, defense against who?

If you are defending yourself, someone is attacking. Who was attacking? Other humans were attacking (or other animals). If other humans were attacking, and you are defending, that means defense was not first. First was the attacking by others.

Weapons are the tool for an advantage in killing, or to defend against murderers. There is no rightful taking of an innocent life by the initiator of violence.

Attackers are the ones who created weapons first. Defenders used them in order to get themselves on the same playing field. You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Defenders used the tools as well so that they could also obtain the same killing advantage that the other side had.

Even if it was other nonhuman animals attacking first, the defenders would possibly develop weaponry for defense which later degraded to offensive predatory domination and the taking of other animal life. The weaponry, if only defensive at first, became offensive and part of predatory domination. If attackers didn’t invent the first weapon and defenders are the first inventors — whether against humans with bare arms, or other animals with their bare bodies — then weapons always end up being used for attacking and domination. If the animals attacked and we defended, we created the tools for our future oppression. If humans attacked and others defended, the attackers created the first weapons to dominate. Either way, man created the tools for his own oppression and domination by others, even if it was for self-defense or the enslavement and murder of other nonhuman animals.

And so, things have progressed. People, desiring more effective, expedient, advantageous methods of murdering and killing others, have pursued technological advancements in this same path. We have a huge economy for weaponry and not one for fair and right livingry (as Buckminster Fuller called it).

If you remove all weapons, everyone is on the same playing field. With each weapon created, the only “peace” is had through everyone having that weapon. People who had weapons massacred people who did not. Governments who have weapons control and enslave people who do not. You only need a weapon because of the fear that others have a weapon as well, and you want to be prepared in case of an attack. You are not on the same playing field if you do not have a weapon, a knife vs. a gun, a gun vs. a missile. This is the only reason to have a weapon, so that you can defend yourself on the same level as attackers who have weapons to kill you with.

Weapons are only required to maintain security in an insecure world of immoral people. If people aligned with the security of Natural Moral Law, there would be no attackers, and therefore no weapons required for attacking or defense.

If the defenders created the weapons first, for the advantage over the attackers that were doing them in, then it helped create their own destruction as time went by. You created a means for others to use against you, and they will, because they are not aligned with Natural Moral Law, as is evident by their behavior of trying to murder you. In a failure to align with Natural Law, the more technology you create to try to help you will end up enslaving you. By this time, theses settlers where into the enslavement of animals, and were not Moral beings either. They created weapons to defend themselves, and created the means by which the enemy could kill them more easily. Self-creating destruction.