Mind Control and Seeking Truth

In a real way, we are the ones who mind control and fool ourselves, individually and collectively, through our ignorance of self-knowledge, how consciousness functions and the importance of truth. We, as a society, and others, pressure each other into conforming to a normalized acceptability spectrum of a conditioned way of life with little to no critical thinking and evaluation We let it happen.

People want to point the finger at the “powers that be” or “elite” and “media”, etc., but we are all complicit in this game of buying and selling ideas and beliefs to live our lives by. We are the ones who accept or reject information. Their are many external influences trying to manipulate us, but we are the ones who can accept or reject, deny, avoid, ignore, banish, and change our ways of thinking and acting. We can allow the influences to condition us, or recognize these manipulations and not become tacit receivers in a systemic program of control.

It’s actually a “simple” choice when you get down to the complexity of the problem.

How awakened and aware are you?
Do you consider yourself awake?
What does being awake mean?

If we consider being awake as having the desire to learn, understand and be more aware of reality, then we must continually ask ourselves “is this really true?” when we come across new information. We must also be willing to examine our previously held onto and attached views that we have been conditioned to see and think about our world.

If we don’t question the information that is provided to us, to try to determine its validity, then we are a high target for gullibility, suggestibility and being manipulated.

Ask yourself:

Do you want to question the veracity and validity of information by thinking about it and increasing your awareness of it by noticing, observing, paying attention, reflecting, pausing, contemplating and pondering?

Or do you want to continue being manipulated, duped, conned, deceive, trick, fooled, screwed, bamboozled, pulled-one-over, hoodwinked, etc., due to your unwillingness to become more aware of reality and reaching greater degrees of understanding about the truthfulness, accuracy, correctness, and validity of the information presented to you?

The choice is that simple, but it requires understanding the complexity of ourselves and the reality we live in. We need to learn more accurate truth, and unlearn falsity masquerading as “truth”. There is a lot of misinformation, disinformation and falsity pervading the information we can access from the internet, media and the people in our lives who repeat what they believe to be “true”.

We can either care about truth and honesty in trying to align our perceptions with an accurate representation of reality. Or we can not care and buy into whatever is being sold to believe whatever we want to believe regardless of it being true or not. We can become more wise, or we can stay and become more of a fool.

We are our own worst enemies in many cases. We fool ourselves because we reject the supreme importance of truth in our lives.

Truth or consequence. Be right or go wrong. The choice is ours.

Care for, seek, accept, embrace, embody, live and share the truth about our reality. We are all in this together. We all need to accept this responsibility in life to elevate ourselves and others in order to improve our collective condition and quality of life.

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