Thinking and Learning – Path to Freedom

Do you think True Freedom and Peace will come with living in lies and falsity? If yes, then you are an idiot. If not, then what are you doing to learn about the falsity and lies all around us? Are you learning about reality that matters? Quality information? Are you learning about evil, falsity, deception, mind control, etc. in order to no longer be fooled into false paths and ways of living?

Develop Care for Truth and Morality, and develop the doubt, curiosity and questioning to desire to seek Truth and understand Morality in greater depths. Not learning about our false ways will keep us in self-imposed enslavement through willful ignorance. Either Evolve Consciousness through Truth, Love, Good, Right and Morality, or restrict and constrict consciousness into unconsciousness, through Falsity, Fear, Evil, Wrong and Immorality. Care for Truth: seek, embrace, embody and share it to create True Freedom and Peace in Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom of Right-Action. Or don’t, and stay in levels of Ignorance, Apathy, Cowardice and Laziness; of misconceiving reality, being fooled, and acting foolishly; of not living in or Serving Truth and Morality properly because you don’t understand it properly, to never actually create True Freedom and Peace. The choice and power is in each of our hands. Think. Learn to think. What will you do about it? The “someone” to do “something” is us. We are waiting for ourselves to do something. Learn, then act. Truth takes time.