Betterment, Wrong and Fear of Truth

We are not perfect, nor will we ever be. We can work towards our aspiration of the infinite potential perfection, to improve, better and evolve ourselves. A way to achieve more betterment, evolution, goodness, etc. is to remove that which is not good for us. This is the apophatic path. Knowledge of wrong will allow us to actualize the potential for right that we were previously failing to do.

If you look at it another way.

Are we perfect? Not here and now. Maybe our ultimate form and source consciousness is perfect, but we have so much conditioning into falsity, untruth, badness, and immorality that we cannot become our True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will, etc. which is essentially “already perfect.” This is what is already perfect, that which is from the “spirit.” By removing what is false from our lives, we actualize, realize and become more perfect, better, evolved, good, true. We remove false, immoral, evil ways of living, and therefore become more good. That is how we are “already perfect” in the sense of the Higher aspect of Self, not this body based ego-personality-identity construct. We are not perfect and won’t be here, but we can work to become more perfect, embodying aspects of perfection, reducing and lessening our false ways of being.

In that sense, when you here the phrases of “you don’t need to be better”, it is true in the sense that the main focus we need to do is stop being false, immoral, bad, etc. It is less about becoming and building something better at first, than it is about stopping what is bad through destruction of those falsities. That is the spiritual alchemy of destroying the falsity in us, the shadow inner work. In this sense, we don’t “need to be better,” the betterment is an automatic process that happens through removal of false ways of being/living.

We take away the wrong/evil/dark/imperfect, and let the right/good/light/perfect shine as a result. In this apophatic negative deconstructive alchemical divorce, it is a process of automated betterment. It’s not a focus on something new. It’s about not doing what is current or old in habit, that which needs to stop. An action through non-action, which is the concept in wei wu wei.

Those who take “already perfect”, “dont need to be better” as literal meanings to not improve your way of living, are being fooled. They lack understanding, and take the false tricked meaning that encodes the deeper Truth. They Fear self-improvement, admitting that they have improvement to do would require admitting wrong in them, and people have a hard time doing that. Everything is perfect right? Already perfect… see? No need to be better, just stay the same, dont change, stagnate in current condition of wrong-action.

I find it humorous that some people, many who are influenced by New Age thought, sustain the positions of “you don’t need to be better”, “you are already perfect”, in order to maintain denial of facing evil by only focusing on the positive “already perfect” aspect of life, and the contrary of “no one is perfect” to also sustain their errors and wrongs and not change. Two ends of the pole, “no one is perfect” and “we’re already perfect”, in order to reach the same helpless abandonment of personal responsibility in evolving consciousness and ending evil. Ultimately, it is the Fear of Truth, through the fear of changing in alignment with Truth, of abandoning our comfortable blanket of falsity that has wrapped us in our reality for so long. Seeking to better ourselves is to seek to realize and actualize our True Self. Many people also fear admitting they are wrong and cannot progress further in the spiritual journey and quest towards greater attainment of Truth and Morality. They Fear Truth and facing the dark mirror, facing themselves.

From July-2014, reworked today. I forgot to add it to the “True Self Seeks Truth & Morality” post.

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