Infatuation with Ideas and Images

Infatuation with concepts, ideas and images in our mind seems to be a big thing; whatever is novel, fantastic, and wonderful to believe in is accepted by many people. That’s why the New Age fantasy narrative is so attractive and mesmerizing. Being made a fool. Just like the false love of infatuation, you can be fooled by an idea being accepted into your life because of how grand, wonderful, and awe struck it makes you feel. If it makes you feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself then you really feel “connected” in some way, “connected” to “God”, whatever, etc. But this is all going on inside your mind to affect your body/sensations/feelings. People accept concepts that have a physiological reaction and “feel-good”, not because of the truthfulness of the statements. People are accepting the validity of statements, and confuse that with the veracity and truth of the statement/argument itself. Do these people ever ask themselves questions and doubt? Do they ever ask themselves if this is actually true or if they merely choose to believe it because of the affect it has on them? Ideas are powerful. Thoughts are powerful. Be careful what you accept into yourself.

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