The System is Constructed to Perpetuate Wrongs

We are forced into a co-dependent system. As such, we require employment for monetary compensation to survive and pay for the land we think we own but never do. Money is required. Many problems arise from failure to harmonize with Natural Moral Law. More of man’s “laws” are created to combat the violations. “Laws” are created that violate Natural Moral Law itself. Jobs are created to provide temporary relief if the problems and symptoms we create. The problem are required to remain in order to provide the salarial benefits for those affecting temporary band-aids to the appearances. If the appearances of wrong are dealt with at their source root wrong-action, then we appearance disappears. The problem and symptom of wrong will be gone because we dealt with the wrong at its root. As such, those who provide goods or services to relieve the symptoms but never cure them, will be out of work as there will be no demand for there employment.

Do you see? Each year, each decade, new problems arise, new markets develop, new niches are occupied, the economy grows and “progress” continues — in our delusional mindset anyways. These sectors of employment are only available due to the problems that exist. If you solve the problem, and take away the need for the relief of the symptoms, then you no longer have the need for the particular employment providing a good or service that once had a use/purpose.

We cannot solve any problems really, because whole sectors of economic growth and stability depend on the problem existing that ensures people work to provide relief for the symptoms that manifest. If you remove a problem, let’s say we educate people on nutrition and eating plants, most health issues would disappear, hence, most doctors would be out of work.

Do you see why we are going nowhere? People need money to survive. If you remove problems from society, the need for temporary relief from problem also vanishes along with the employment that was providing the service or good. People will fight to preserve their survival and the system of co-dependence, even if they are doing wrong, while thinking they are doing good. Companies, scientists and bureaucrats block cures from coming out so that the can continue to survive in their positions within this degenerate system.

If people actually Cared for Truth, the cures to our problems would already be out shortly after the problem was recognized. But this done not occur, because people do not really Care for Truth, and care more for their own survival in a corrupt devolved system that keeps them enslaved.

This methodology of living will ensure the perpetuation of symptomatic relief jobs, as well as useless jobs that only fulfill the needs to occupy a niche in the market for surviving because people outsource their tasks of living more and more. If you remove dependence in favor of more independence and sustainability, you remove jobs and survivability. If you remove problems, then you remove jobs and survivability.

As the population increases, so does the requirement for jobs to be created in order to ensure survivability. The web/network of interconnected dependence grows stronger. More and more people become less independent and more co-dependent on the system’s machinations for survival. This increase in population that requires jobs to be created is most easily balanced through an increase in problematic factors for our current condition of living. If problems stop, whole sectors of employment would disappear.

This is the future we are headed to. With growing food ourselves becoming illegal, seed vaults illegal, military police state increasing, so that when things collapse, as all bubbles do, they will have constructed even greater dependence that people allowed to happen because they were comfortable and thought that “this is how things are done”. We allowed more and more central authority to restrict independence while we had the methods of providing for themselves. But when the shit hits the fan, we won’t be able to just go buy food, because we probably won’t have a job anymore. We will need to beg daddy/mommy/nanny state for the food stamps to eat, for the clean water to drink, for every basic needs we took for granted. Now, we will be even more of a slave than we were before, but we still won’t see it. We will be thankful to the state for providing for us yet again, because that is what we have become accustomed to, the normalized acceptability of our lives.

*Did not review/edit, may have errors. More of a thought flow from recognizing reality, on the fly.