Perceptual Distractions (Updated V2)

Perceptual distractions are all the peripheral aspects of life that keep us from facing ourselves in the mirror, our shadow, the darkness within us, and getting to the heart of the darkness in life. They take up our our time that we can spend, and our attention that we pay with, our two valuable base currencies in life. They keep us from increasing conscious awareness of reality that allows us to be able to feel the impact of reality as it is. The affect of the current condition of reality will motivate us to move and act to change.

It’s like a magic trick. While we are paying attention to the left hand, the magician is doing something else with their right hand and fooling us. There are manipulators who fool us, but we also fool ourselves by choosing to ignore some things and pay attention to distractions instead.

Ignorance of reality is unconsciousness, and inhibits accurate feeling of the effects in reality. When we feel reality and its affect upon us, then we can develop the care, courage and will to to act on that affection. If we are unaware and unconscious about the errors, wrong and evil, we will not see or feel them, and we will never act to stop them. This is simple cause and effect, a natural law.

Natural laws can be likened to a train. If we do not pay attention and gain conscious awareness to feel the true affect of reality, then we will also not accurately see what is coming at us. This unconsciousness is living in an insulated bubble of reality. This reality is not actual, but perceptual, existing in the Trinity of Unconsciousness: ignorance, apathy and cowardice. Failure to see what is coming down the pipe/line will result in our own destruction. We will destroy ourselves if we continue to be blind to what is actually happening in the world and in ourselves.

For previous work on cognitive biases that blind us: Availability heuristic, Attentional Bias,Anchoring or Focusing Effect, Ambiguity Effect.

Can’t see much ahead. Many distractions.

Church, job, sports, economy, government scandals, healthcare, immigration, gossip, entertainment, TV, movies, a missing plane, latest gadget or social novelty.

Keep us on the Hamster Wheel, away from facing our shadow, actions and beliefs. Have us believe we are “on the right track”. Can’t see anything coming down the lane, too busy with ourselves and the pleasure of our distractions.

Why is it blurry? Because we are not looking. It’s not in conscious awareness. It’s a fuzz of peripheral vision, we’re not directly looking at it.

More visible. See something ahead.

More conscious awareness of reality allows us to see down the road, pipe, at the future that is coming. Maybe we need to move out of the way? Maybe we need to head in a different direction? Change requires movement.

Clear sight. Know what is coming at you.

Someone who sees a lot of reality, sees where we are headed, and sees what is coming down the line.

Conscious awareness and how we feel reality is more developed. When we have enough detail, clarity and definition, then we have enough conscious awareness to feel reality accurately. When we see and feel the reality, we can act to do something. To change is to move. More conscious awareness is more depth of defining reality.

Natural law cause and effect is on or off track, a course set in motion by us. We can only stop it by changing, i.e. movement is change. If we stay on the same course & ignore reality, it will simply hit us unexpectedly and smack us down hard. We reap what we sow in the end as a species on this planet. We are all in this together.

The natural law train of reciprocity to reap our actions, is delayed through insulation of our way of life and time. We don’t feel the overall consequences yet. Our actions have not yet circled back to affect us. Eventually, it catches up in our life, or collective humanity in the future. It builds up pressure and releases explosively when the bubble pops.

*Original Perceptual Distractions

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