Natural Moral Law Science

Human behavior is part of nature, reality, existence, the universe. Reality, existence, universe and nature has Natural Laws. Therefore, human behavior has Natural Laws since it is part of reality, universe, nature. The Natural Law for behavior is known as Morality, Natural Moral Law. There is a science (knowledge) of behavioral dynamics that can be applied as an objective law in reality.

Natural Moral Law is a science that can be demonstrated through observable objects, phenomena, events and processes in objective reality, specifically relating to human immoral behavior that can be personally felt by consciousness beings capable of feeling. Moral violations only apply to beings capable of feeling violated, and only such beings can respond to being violated (animals). The universe has other Natural Laws of impersonal Cause and Effect, that are not morally based or related, that have no source in morality or immorality, and have no feeling of moral violations that cause harm or pain, and hence do not reciprocate Cause and Effect based on any perceived harm or pain, because they are not capable of this. Herein lies an objective reality that is not recognized in the conceptual framework of “Natural Law” that is currently being popularized. When the term Natural Moral Law is used instead, this fallacy can eventually be discerned if we look more closely at all the of the components of the “Natural Law” concept that many people accept.

Natural is from Latin naturalis, ‘by birth’, from nature, Latin nasci, and PIE *gene-. I have related these words with knowledge, consciousness and morality elsewhere. Whatever is “born” into existence, is a part of what is called creation, the universe (that which is turned into one). Natural is what exists inherently, not simply a condition that ‘is’ currently existing.

However, are we talking about what is natural in the universe/nature itself, or are we talking about what is natural to specific human behavior, to human nature? When discussing the “Study of Natural Moral Law Consequences to Behavior”, this is referring to the latter type of ‘natural’ regarding human behavior (Natural Moral Law), and not the behavior of nature and the universe itself, which operate under a variety of Natural Laws. Natural Moral Law responsibility and violations belong to the natural behavior of human animals. This is another distinction people do not make, regarding the term nature/natural and how it applies in different ways, on different levels.

Law is from Old Norse *lagu, plural of lag, which is literally “something laid down or fixed”. This would mean it doesn’t move, immovable. Law is placed, laid down, and fixed in a permanent state as a program which is unalterable and immutable once it is compiled into creation. Certain Laws apply where they specifically apply, and do not go outside of their limitations. All programs and Laws have limitations and boundaries. Gravity does not apply where there is no gravity. The strong force do not apply beyond a very small scale of existence, the fentometre. There is a domain of applicability for Laws that cannot simply be blindly applied to any or all facets of existence.

Natural Laws are particular fixed and immutable aspects of existence, reality, universe, or nature. All material aspects of the variability, diversity and multiplicity in reality are mutable and changing, not infinite, and exist within one or several Natural Law boundary conditions. The immutable and unchanging aspects of reality (Laws) are not seen in themselves within the physical material realm of effects that change, as they are unseen forces acting upon physicality. These immutable forces are the immaterial, nonphysical causal aspect that don’t change, hence they are unwavering and exist, even if we do not see them as objects in themselves. Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents have behavioral Natural Moral Law applying to them as part of their responsibility, known as Morality. They always apply, whether we want to understand them or not. They exist through a recognition of interpersonal and social behavioral reciprocity in Cause and Effect. Natural Moral Law Cause and Effect is a subset of the truly Universal Natural Law of Cause and Effect that is not simply bound to human behavior.

Science is from Latin scire, ‘to know’ by separating one thing from another, to distinguish, by cutting into reality, splitting, dissecting and dividing particulars to find underlying parts within. In metaphysics, this is applied to finding the underlying universals behind or within particulars. In modern scientific discovery, this is usually applied to the physical aspects alone, whereby they divide, split and cut into individual particulars of the physical domain to find more physical parts and understand how our reality is constructed. Modern science also looks at the underlying universals, such as the forces that affect physical reality (gravity, weak force, strong force, etc.). This process of discovery in reality, is applicable to the sphere of human animal behavioral relations with other animals that can feel the consequences to our actions.

Natural Law Science is to know the immutable Laws that are applicable to certain parts of what exists. To know by cutting into the variability, diversity and multiplicity of the particulars and find the underlying universal principles that apply in certain ways. Natural Law Science, in terms of Natural Moral Law, is about learning knowledge regarding human behavior that we can detect through observing human conduct as natural phenomena in nature, which includes the causal forces in consciousness that produce those behavioral effects.

The most occulted and important Natural Law is that of Cause and Effect as it relates to the sphere, or dimension, of Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents, enacted upon other Free Will Causal Agents (all animals, since they can feel harm). This important higher order Law, is Natural Moral Law.

There is a way to understand Natural Moral Law, and that is to discover the knowledge demonstrating how it works. We can learn about the functioning and behavior of individual consciousness, which is mostly about thoughts, emotions and actions. These aspects of consciousness lead to generating behavior/actions in the world, which affects others. This is where Natural Moral Law applies, as an aspect of ourselves, of our authentic and examined real selves, detached from the conditioning into falsity and conformity of tradition, culture and customs of cult-ure, that prevent us from realizing the consequence to our behaviors. This realization and further actualization in alignment with Morality, is referred to as the “True Self”, “Higher Self”, that can be brought about using a more developed “True Care/Higher Care/Higher Desire”, doing things as a “Higher Willed” consciousness being, that allows us to live as a “Higher Consciousness” being, who chooses to recognize the responsibility to live in Morally better ways for other beings and ourselves, as our “True Nature”. This is our more developed and evolved human natural potential, to evolve beyond the animism and trap of the pleasure principle that lower order consciousness beings are more influenced by through a programmed aspect of living and surviving in amorality.

Knowledge of Natural Moral Law (Morality) enables an understanding of the consequences to human behavior that would otherwise escape us in our selfish sole pursuits in life as carnal, fleshly, animistic, lower base consciousness animals, attempting to live “amorally”. There is an objective Law for our behavior, otherwise there is no objectivity when it comes to our actions/behaviors, and we can do anything under Moral Relativism. Responsibility to Natural Moral Law is not universally applicable to all beings in nature, and does not become enacted as a reciprocal Cause/Effect force automatically, as does gravity or any other universal force. Natural Moral Law responsibility to behavior is applicable to Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents that are capable of understanding Moral Laws through the abstraction engine of higher order consciousness, while a reciprocity against a violation of Natural Moral Law can be effected by any Free Will Causal Agent (animal) capable of feeling harm and pain created by those who violate their responsibility to Natural Moral Law.


As mentioned earlier, the domain of applicability that is “natural” in this definition, is not for everything in the universe, but only for human behavior, or if applicable, behavior of higher order consciousness beings capable of understanding abstract concepts like Morality. Natural Moral Law responsibility applies to the Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents that it applies to, higher order consciousness beings, human animals, and the consequences to actions comes from a Causal relationship with other Free Will Causal Agents (any animal), individually or aggregately, that are capable of responding to their actions, and providing consequences to their actions. The Free Will Causal Agents most capable of reciprocating or correcting a violation of Natural Moral Law, are Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents, humans.

In the global sphere of all humans, or higher order consciousness beings, living within a closed system such as a planet, the actions generated by Free Will Causal Agents (any animal) will produce Effects in that system that can reverberate back onto them, because what happens in a system, affects the system that operates according to impersonal objective laws. These are Natural Laws of Cause and Effect (not Natural Moral Law) that do not deal with the force of human behavior exclusively, but with “actions” of any kind caused by any force. This can be seen through Free Will Causal Agents (animals) that can create disease and affect other life, or create overpopulation, etc. There are consequences that result from amoral behavior that is not related to Natural Moral Law, as Natural Moral Law applies to those beings who are responsible to it by being capable of understanding it.

Human behavior is an output force into reality, and there are other forces in reality to which Cause and Effect apply. This latter form of truly Universal Natural Law of Cause and Effect (not Moral) is found in weather, and other interactive forces within the universe at all scales, from the sun, to the atomic level of structuring matter in reality. Responsibility in Moral actions apply only to higher order consciousness beings (Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents). Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents generate actions that produce consequences. Other impersonal forces also generate actions, but do not have Morality applied to them, in affection, as they are not Free Will Causal Agents capable of experiencing the feeling of pain from immoral actions (like other animals are capable of experiencing), nor are they capable of understanding Natural Moral Law, not because they are a lower order consciousness being, but because these forces are not a consciousness being at all. Natural Moral Law applies to Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents that can negatively or positively affect other Free Will beings that are capable of experiencing the feeling of harm that results from those immoral actions. Any animal has consciousness and free will, and can feel consequence to human or higher order consciousness beings generating immoral actions against them. Impersonal non-free will, non-consciousness forces are not capable of feeling the consequence of human or higher order consciousness immoral actions.

This delineation needs to be understood, or else the understanding of Natural Moral Law as generated through and by Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents, as a human behavioral force, will be falsely and blindly corresponded to Universal Natural Law of Cause and Effect that does not exclusively use human behavior as a force.

The aggregate output of force within a system affects the system, and the system can respond, if able, with reciprocal forces. We can destroy the planet through our behavior, and this will generate an effect for us to reap, as the planet will deteriorate and not be able to support life. It is a Natural Law of Cause and Effect, but not a Moral one. The effects are ultimately generated by us, and we create our own suffering. The planet, or some magical universal force, did not send back a Moral consequence of our own actions. Only a Free Will Causal Agent can reciprocate a consequence to a moral violation as they can feel the pain and harm, while a planet operating under certain forces is not a Free Will Causal Agent. Animal overpopulation works in the same way, through simple Cause and Effect Natural Law, not Cause and Effect Natural Moral Law.

In the aggregate we do it all to ourselves by our own actions, where Natural Law Cause and Effect can apply, and Natural Moral Law Cause and Effect can apply, but they are not the same and are not reciprocated from the same sources or Causal Forces (non-free will force). A comet can destroy the earth, and this is not a human behavioral force, but another causal force outside of Natural Moral Law. Only Free Will Causal Agents (any nonhuman animal) or Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agent (human animals), can reciprocate consequences to Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agent immoral behaviors, in a Moral dimension, since Morality deals with creating harm against free will consciousness beings who can experience the feeling of harm.

Morality does not apply to a planet, or other impersonal forces that are not Free Will Causal Agents (like animals). These forces are impersonal causal agents that do not respond to immoral behavior, they do not experience the pain and harm from immoral actions as animals do. The destruction of our planet will not be created by Natural Moral Law violations against other humans to which Natural Moral Law applies. The destruction of the planet will be created by the effects of our own actions in the aggregate, not the effects of imaginary Moral forces in the universe acting upon us. Moral responsibility and reciprocity applies to higher order consciousness beings. Any action can be generated by any causal force, free will or not, and Free Will Causal Agents (any animal) can feel the effects of that action. Moral or immoral actions are generated only by higher order consciousness beings with such a responsibility to Natural Moral Law, and they are therefore Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents.

We, Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents, are the principle generators of Natural Moral Law Reciprocal Actions against violators of Natural Moral Law that harm us or others beings. Other animals can reciprocate a causal feedback as a consequential action from our immoral action, to affect us, but they are not acting in the capacity of the responsibility of Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents, they are merely Free Will Causal Agents. without the ability to understand Natural Moral Law.

No other force will enact a reciprocity upon Natural Moral Law violations apart from Free Will Causal Agents capable of feeling immoral violations. Natural Moral Law violations cannot apply to non-free will impersonal forces or material objects, that do not have consciousness and are not capable of feeling harm from our behavior. Lower order consciousness nonhuman animals can generate actions towards us if we do them harm in violation of Natural Moral Law, as they are Free Will Causal Agents as well, but they are not capable of understanding Natural Moral Law, and hence the responsibility of Natural Moral Law does not apply to their behavior. The weather may generate actions that are a result of our behavior, but it does not feel the harm of our actions, nor is it a Free Will Causal Agent to which a violation of Natural Moral Law can apply.

Any Natural Laws (not exclusively Moral Law) that are not physically existent in themselves, are nonetheless capable of being seen through the manifestations of existent aspects of reality. Aspects of the unseen immovable universals are visible in the manifestations of the particulars as they operate within reality. This is how we detect gravity and other unseen Laws at work, as forces in themselves working upon extant objects in reality. Natural Moral Law is detectable not through anything other than Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents.

We are studying the observable laws of behavioral natural phenomena of Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents, not natural phenomena in the universe itself. Moral responsibility does not apply to lower order animals that are incapable of understanding it, despite being able to be affected by immoral violations, and can act in ways that have a causal effects on others and create consequences for their actions. Moral reciprocity does not apply to forces that are not Free Will Causal Agents (animals), such as weather, or a comet, since they do not feel the harm of the actions, nor do they respond to being harmed (as animals do despite not understanding Morality).

Their is always a cause and effect (a basic natural law) relationship everywhere in existence, but this universal perspective is not what is being discussed in the localized sphere of human behavior, or higher order consciousness, and to claim such would be a false equivocation. Natural Moral Law is universal in that the responsibility applies to all beings in the universe capable of higher order abstraction and understanding of the concept of Morality. Just as the effects and responsible awareness of gravity does not apply where there is no gravity, the effects of Natural Moral Law does not apply where there is no consciousness being capable of feeling the harm or pain from an immoral action, nor does the responsibility apply beyond those who understand Morality and immorality. Natural Moral Law responsibility is only applicable to Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents, since they are of a higher order consciousness that can understand this. This makes them Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agents (and not simply Free Will Causal Agents), that can act in an understanding of the operational capacity of, and responsibility to, Natural Moral Law.

A system, or forces within a system that are simply impersonal forces, and not Free Will Causal Agents capable of personally feeling harm or pain, will respond and react, as a program does, under simple NATURAL LAWS, but these are NOT Natural Moral Laws. This is a foundation point of the fallacy that allows people to believe in or convince themselves of a magical, impersonal, “Natural Moral Law Force” that operates outside of Free Will Causal Agent capacities to reciprocate, that are capable of experiencing pain and harm, that will respond in relation to that pain or harm. Impersonal non-free will, non-consciousness forces, will not respond in to a Moral violation that causes pain or harm to be felt, as only Free Will Causal Agents (animals) can feel such violations, and respond to such immoral actions. Universal forces merely act in a standard Cause and Effect capacity as a global Natural Law, not Natural Moral Law.

Please understand this pivotal objective reality about Natural Moral Law. There is no impersonal causal force acting in a reciprocal Moral capacity to harm and pain inflicted, as only personal Causal Forces, Free Will Causal Agents, can do so. If you believe there is a magical force in your speculation and belief about how Natural Moral Law operates, then you need to demonstrate it in objective reality. I can demonstrate my explanation in objective reality, whereas your imaginary force cannot be demonstrated. Natural Moral Law is NOT a force. Natural Moral Law is the understanding of how to use force within the Boundaries of Moral Law, a Natural part of Higher Order Consciousness Living.