Desire or Affinity for Fantastic or Wonder

People who learn about quantum physics often get peddled false conclusions about the double slit experiment. Once accepting those conclusions they were sold, they see how their understanding of reality was an “illusion” and gravitate towards to opposite polarity. The opposite of the concrete reality is that of the illusory concept and that of the holographic simulation concept. These ideas and the opposite ends of the normal physical material world that people previously only accepted. They become disillusioned from that normal perception, in favor of the more fantastic, extravagant conceptual wonder that they envision in their minds. This also tied into the “you create reality” concept, biocentrism, etc. The imaginative, fantastic idea is preferred over the formerly accepted understanding of reality they have come to dislike as a lie, and diverge away from this understanding. The actual physical is, in part by some or largely by others, rejected in favor of a false spiritual understanding that appeals to the polarized spectrum that counters the new concept of “false physical reality”.


Polarized Attachments

Focus on New Wonder

Desire or Affinity for Fantastic or Wonder

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